The Reason why Californians are Moving to Austin, Texas

Californians are continuously transferring to Austin, Texas due to different reasons. And while there are many explanations why people are choosing Austin as their new home, one major reason is that cost of living in Austin is much cheaper.

There are many reasons why Californians are moving to Austin Texas, but one major reason for this is that the place has created more job opportunities for people because of the rising technology industry.

Dell, which is one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world, is located in this city, and because of the high concentration of electronic companies in this state, thousands of engineering and computer graduates go to this place to seek employment (because of the booming technology industry, the place is now called Silicon Hills). Meanwhile, Austin is also a place of large companies which employs thousands of workers such as Whole Foods Market.

Besides from having better opportunity to find a job in Austin since biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry are also rising in this place, the city also offers vibrant cultures and rich arts. For those art lovers, Austin is a good place to live in as it offers art theatres, museums, and other places where art is flourishing. Apart from these, the state also offers recreational spots, lakes and parks, restaurants, boutique shops, coffee shops, and other interesting places to visit.

In terms of housing costs, Austin provides more affordable properties than most parts of California. And because of the strong housing market in this state, condominium, apartment, and property developers are not suffering the same fate of other land developers in some states. According to a resident of Austin who used to live in California, this city in Texas offers more affordable houses and properties than the state of California, saying that a house in Austin which has a value of $250,000 would already cost more than a million in Silicon Valley, California.

People from Austin have also been considered as generally friendly by most tourists and visitors. And apart from this amiable character, people here like festivities and even celebrate their differences that there is even a popular local motto in the city which stated “Keep Austin Weird” (there are many stickers and bumpers which promote this message). Because this city is very open to any eccentricity, it is the only place where there is no ordinance which prohibits women from going topless in public. Meanwhile, another unique character of people living in the city is that they read more compared to other metropolitan places in the US, and according to a latest study, residents of Austin write and read blogs more than any states.

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