Top Places to Visit in Alaska

Five Top Places to See in Alaska

If you want to visit Alaska, there is a need to find out which places are suited for tourists like you. Find out the ideal month to visit the place. Regardless of the season, you will be able to enjoy your stay in this place.

Have you ever been to Alaska? Well, this is an amazing place and if you haven’t planned your vacation yet, this is the ideal time to look into the top places to visit in Alaska. Since the state is very popular for its arctic seas and wilderness, you will have to consult a travel agent or you can simply do your homework.

It is important that you plan the vacation in advance and you will have to decide on the best time to visit Alaska. Here are the top five places that you can check out:

  • Anchorage – this is the ideal starting point if you want to spend a vacation in Alaska. Here you can find several museums such as AK Native Heritage Centerm, AK Aviation Heritage Museum, AK Museum of Natural History, AK Heritage Museum, AK Trooper Museum, and Anchorage Museum. Most of these establishments offer many activities and you will also love the traditional dances.
  • Seward – this is located in the Kenai Fjords. From Anchorage, you can go to Seward and enjoy a more peaceful atmosphere. You can take a bus shuttle coach transfer, or you can take a cruise. A train ride is also possible and this is a good option because you can watch the breathtaking scenery and you can also do some wildlife spotting.
  • Fairbanks – if you want to have fun with your family, you can visit this place; don’t forget to visit University of Alaska Museum because it offers interesting films and exhibits.
  • Denali National Park and Preserve – this is one of the best places that you can visit; this is where you can enjoy nature excursions, backpacking trips, fall foliage tours, glacier sightings, and wildlife. If you want to get the most of this park, it would be best if you go there during late May until early September. This is the summer season there.
  • Juneau – this is where you can find one of the best sceneries; you won’t enjoy the place in one day so it would be best if you try to spend a couple of days’ vacation. You can join hiking tours and excursions to learn more about the culture of Alaska.

As you might have noticed, there are many places that you can visit in Anchorage and mostly are museums. However, you can also visit the Alaska Zoo to see various kinds of animals, birds, elephants, and tigers. The Elmendorf State Hatchery is a place where you can see how salmon is produced and you can also learn about sport fishing. Imaginarium is a learning center where you can discover new things about science.

At Juneau, you can visit Trolley Car Company, Mount Robert Tramway, and St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church. If you visit the tramway, you can access the nature center, theater, and restaurant. The church has been around since 1894 and until now, it is still in use. It also has a gift shop where you can buy some items.

Take your time in learning about this state and you will surely be able to enjoy your vacation.

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