Top 10 Yellowknife Attractions

Things to do in Yellowknife, Canada

For those who want to have a perfect winter get-away, Yellowknife, which is the capital of Northwest Territories, may be the best place to visit with its several winter festivals that usually include dog sled racing. Aside from this, the place also attracts tourists with its beautiful lakes, rivers, hiking trails, and scenic view.

Yellowknife is the capital of Northwest Territories in Canada that used to be a gold mining town. However, with all the mines closed down, the city has reinvented itself and has now been called as “Diamond Capital”.

Meanwhile, the precious stones and minerals are not really the main attractions of this popular tourist destination, instead, its natural beauty, local festivals, and hospitable people draw visitors from around the world.

Top 10 Attractions in Yellowknife

Caribou Carnival

This festival is held every last weekend of March that marks the end of winter. Usually, the celebration includes musical entertainment, live performances, and dog races.

Aurora Borealis Viewing

Aurora Borealis is the best view which should not be missed. This natural phenomenon happens when the solar wind and the earth’s magnetic field create a “dancing light” on the sky.

Frame Lake

For those who want to escape the bustling city life, the best get-away is Frame Lake where visitors can have a quiet walk on its trail that also offers scenic view. People can also have a picnic or bike around the park.

Diavik Diamond Display

This museum shows how the city became the country’s “Diamond Capital”, displays the development of diamond mines, and exhibit how the precious stone had changed the city in different aspects.

Folk on the Rocks

Every mid of July, the locals celebrate this festival that highlights the region’s folk-blues music. Aside from the live performances, what makes this festival extra special its venue - a beautiful amphitheatre located near a lake.

Yellowknife Cultural Crossroads

This attraction, which is a magnificent bronze sculpture, is made by three aboriginal artists who attempted to show Yellowknife’s highly-diverse culture and rich tradition.

Raven Mad Daze

This is a summer festival that celebrates the flourishing musical art of Yellowknife. Aside from the live performances, there are also several stalls that sell mouth-watering local delicacies, alcoholic beverages, and local souvenirs.

Canadian Championship Dog Derby

This festival, which started in 1955, is probably the most popular and most anticipated in the region where competitors will race for three days and cover the150-mile Great Slave Lake ice by using a sled dog.

Northern Arts Culture and Center

This is the main venue for performing artists, theatre performances, and live dancing and singing.

The Ingraham Trail

For those who want to have a challenging nature trip, this trail is the best since it offers hiking routes, and rivers and lakes perfect for fishing and canoeing.


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