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Things to Do in Manitoba

For tourists who want to experience a true Canadian vacation, the best place to visit is Manitoba, a beautiful province that has been popular for its well-preserved wildlife, natural beauty, and breathtaking views. Aside from these, the place also attracts visitors with its locals who are considered to be one of the friendliest in Canada.

Manitoba is one of the 10 provinces in Canada that has been known for its agriculture, wildlife, and rich culture and tradition, in addition to its friendly and hospitable people who are considered as the main attraction in the province.

Top Things to Do

Enjoy the Icelandic Festival

This festival is one of the largest and most prestigious celebrations that showcase the rich culture and past of the province, attracting thousands of tourists every year. Meanwhile, one of the biggest attractions in the festival is the mouth-watering Icelandic cuisine.

Another notable festival in the province is the Folklorama which is a cultural celebration held every August showcasing the musical art, dances, history, and food of the locals.

Water sports activities

Because the province has several lakes and rivers, the place is the perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, here are the top destinations for water sports activities: Winnipeg and Manitoba lakes which are popular for canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and fishing; and Grand Beach which is perfect for windsurfing, sailing, and sailboarding.

However, for those who are up for a more challenging water sports activity, the best destinations are the Seal River and the Mantario River which are a beautiful system of lakes ideal for canoeing.

Nature trip

Because the province has maintained its natural beauty, this has become the perfect place for a wildlife adventure. Meanwhile, the most ideal place to start the nature trip is the Riding Mountain National Park which is perfect for hiking, camping, biking, and horse back riding.

But for those looking for a place to see polar bears, they can visit the Wapusk Nation Park which has maintained its natural beauty and attracts hundreds of thousands of migrating birds.

Winter sports

Manitoba also offers winter sports especially ice skating since the Assiniboine Rivers and the Red Rivers become a wide and long ice skating rink during winter season. Other winter sports activities people can do are snowmobiling, skiing, and snowboarding.


During summer, thousands of Beluga whales meet at the mouth of the Churchill River, a spectacular moment which should not be missed. In addition, this sub-arctic body of water has also been visited by migrating birds and polar bears.

See the dancing Northern Lights

During winter, Manitoba’s sky is glimmering with dancing Northern lights also called as Aurora Borealis, a natural phenomenon caused by a solar wind.


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