Tips on Visiting Tepoztlan

Tepoztlan - City of Captivating Beauty

Tepoztlan has been described as a city of captivating beauty with its proud colonial structures and quaint but grandeur churches.

Adjacent with these remnants of the Spanish rulers lie an Aztec pyramid called Tepozteco which has been built 700 years ago to honor Tepoztecatl, the god of fertility.

Tepoztlan is a small city which is surrounded by a mountain range that makes this place appear like a landscape captured by a painting. And in the center of the city, visitors can find man-made structures that reflect the serenity and quiet beauty of a Mexican paradise.

The city, which has a mild weather—summer months are not as hot compared to other parts of the country—is a perfect getaway for tourists who want to explore the rich and colorful tradition and to be amazed by colonial structures that boast the grandeur of the past.

Because the locals are deeply spiritual, the small city has eight churches which are usually crowded during feast days of different saints.

While Tepoztlan has churches and convents as common as Starbucks in the US, such structures are far from being nondescript, especially during festivals when the locals celebrate Christianity by staging projects such as mural paintings made from local crops and colored grains and seeds.

Despite the fact that the locals embrace Christianity whole-heartedly, every spiritual custom is tinged with the enchanting practices their ancestors did to honor their gods during the pre-colonial times.

For those who want to see the city’s vivacity, the market is the best place to visit where peddlers and vendors offer their goods which are all foreign behind the eyes of a westerner. Also, the smell of the market is without the pungent aroma of herbs and a whiff of saffron and other condiments.

Just a walking-distance from the market lies Centro Holistico Arcoiris where palm readers and fortune tellers reveal the unseen future of gullible people.

In addition to these enchanting denizens, there are also shops that sell unconventional knick-knacks, fossils, masks, woodcrafts, crystals, trinkets, and other souvenirs.

Another must-see place is the Avenida del Tepozteco where brightly-colored eateries that serve mouth-watering dishes and old towering walls of the colonial times will exude the nostalgic past of the colonial times.

As a respite from the bustling market and shops, the next place to visit is Tepozteco. Which is a pyramid built by Aztecs around 700 years ago. According to archeologists, this magnificent man-made structure was built to honor the god of fertility, Tepoztecatl.

Most visitors said Tepoztlan is like looking directly at the quaint beauty of a Mexican city where changes and influence from the outside of its wall are fended off, or at least regulated by its local to prevent excessive urbanization from ruining its serene beauty.

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