Puerto Escondido's Serene Beauty

Surfer's Paradise

With its clean water and breath-taking natural beauty, Puerto Escondido has been popular among tourists who want to have a perfect tropical getaway.

In terms of fun activities, the place is ideal for scuba diving, surfing snorkelling, kayaking, fishing, and horse back riding in its sun-drenched white-sand beaches.

Puerto Escondido is a tourist destination which has been considered as one of the best surfing sites in the world. However, this tropical paradise does not only provide perfect waves and pristine water but also offers breath-taking views of its natural beauty.

Despite being a popular tourist attraction, with all complete amenities and high-class accommodations, this place remains a traditional fishing village where its port has been used to ship coffee beans and other major products of the region.

Must-see Places

Turtle Assistance Ecological Camp

Located few miles from the port, this ecological camp is within Mazunta Beach where people can also visit the Living Museum of Sea Turtles that showcases all kinds of turtles which are found in Mexico.

Alfredo Perez Gasca

Along this avenue, tourists can enjoy the mouth-watering local cuisine including the Oaxacan tamales and other seafood delicacies such as lobsters, crabs, shells, and salt-water fishes. Meanwhile, there are also many seaside restaurants where people will not only feast on delicious cuisine but also feast their eyes on the beauty of white-sand beaches.

Kayaking and boating in hidden coves

The clean and pristine water, vibrant coral reefs, hidden coves, and outstanding rock formation make Puerto Escondido an ideal place for kayaking and boating. Along the coastline, people can also witness the nature at its finest with birds, deer, and luxuriant vegetation proving that the place has a rich and well-preserved biodiversity.

Playa de Zicatela

This place is where tourists can rent horses and ride in those animals to cross the white-sand beaches or the forests.


Puerto Escondido is considered as an international surfing spot with its strong and consistent waves which often reach as high as 4 meters. However, professional surfers should ideally go during summer when the waves are usually bigger. On the other hand, beginners can go to Marinero beach where the waves are usually smaller compared to other parts of the coastline.

Surfing is not the only fun activities tourists can enjoy since the region is also ideal for sports-fishing with its abundant marine life. Usually, the sea is plenty with different fishes such as marlin, snapper, and tuna, among others.

With its well-preserved marine life and vibrant-colored coral reefs, Puerto Escondido is a perfect place for scuba diving and snorkelling, especially the area near Carrizalillo and Playa del Amor.

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