Things to See in Regina

Places to Visit in Regina

For those who want to visit a city that still maintains its natural beauty despite the modernization, Regina is probably the best destination with its beautiful parks and gardens. Aside from the fact that the city is not a drab concrete jungle, visitors can also expect to see historic landmarks and enjoy major festivities.

Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan, a Canadian province which has been known for its rich agriculture, lakes and rivers, dramatic landscape, hospitable people, and major festivals—all of which have been attracting tourists from all over the world.

While the capital city also bears the same captivating view of the whole province, it boasts a more sophisticated ambiance with a tinge of quaint beauty which can be seen from some of the historical buildings and mansions.

Get Near with Nature by Visiting City Parks

Because Regina has the highest green space per capita in the country, tourists can expect to see numerous parks and gardens which are mostly open to the public for free (or at least low admission fee).

One of the most notable parks in the city is the Willow Island which is surrounded by Wascana Lake. And despite its proximity with the main districts, tourists can still expect to see numerous trees that make it perfect to have a quiet and relaxing walk.

Another famous park is the Victoria Park which is located in the city’s market square and has always been the venue for major summer and winter festivals such as the Regina Folk Festival which attracts thousands of spectators from different countries.

Major Festivals

To celebrate its art and culture, the city hosts several major events which attract tourists from around world. One of the most famous festivals is the Buffalo Days which is a summer fair that offers live performances, food kiosks, exhibits, parades, and other activities.

Another notable festival is the Downtown Ice and Fire Winter Carnival (Feb. 15-18) which offers snow sculpture exhibit, evening lantern procession, masquerade ball, and live entertainment.

Haven for Foodies

Because Regina has the most number of restaurants in ratio with people in the whole country, the city is usually considered as a haven for food lovers who want to enjoy eating different cuisines from both gourmet and gourmand restaurants which are mostly found in downtown area.

From quaint Japanese restaurants, bistros that offer Regina-style pizzas and Mediterranean cuisine, to eateries that offer Asian-inspired dishes, visitors can choose whatever cuisine that will satisfy their palate.

Art Centers

The city boasts several art centers, museums, galleries, and theaters which can be particularly enjoyed by art lovers. Meanwhile, one of the most notable art venues is the Casino Regina which is located in a beautiful historic train station.

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