Saskatchewan and Its Breath-taking Landscape

Places to See in Saskatchewan

For tourists who want to see the captivating beauty of a Canadian province, they should visit Saskatchewan to witness its breath-taking landscape which consists of rolling hills and mountains and thousands of lakes and sandy beaches from the north. Aside from its natural beauty, this province also has a rich culture and tradition which can be seen from its festivals and celebrations, historic landmarks, and art centers.

Saskatchewan, one of the 10 provinces of Canada, has been known for its breath-taking landscape with rolling hills and mountains and thousands of pristine river and lakes, most of which are located in the north.

Because this Canadian province is a flat prairie land, more than half of the wheat grown in the country is grown here. But aside from its agricultural abundance, this place is fast becoming a tourist destination with its natural beauty, historical landmarks, and hospitable people.

A Land of Scenic Lakes and Dancing Lights

In the northern part of the province lies the Qu'Appelle Valley where there are more than a thousand of freshwater lakes most of which are perfect for sports fishing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and other water sports activities.

Because the natural beauty of the province has been well-preserved and there is less pollution, this place has been attracting tourists who want to see the Northern lights, also called as Aurora Borealis or Dancing Lights.

According to scientists, this phenomenon happens when solar rays react to earth’s magnetic field, thus creating a dancing light with a greenish glow or faint red color.

Festivals and the Celebration of Rich Culture

This province hosts several major festivals in Canada which have been attracting thousands of people from different countries. One of these prestigious celebrations is the Annual Royal Red Arabian Horse Show which is an international competition which attracts thousands of spectators and equestrians from different parts of the world.

Saskatchewan also hosts two of the most prestigious agricultural trade shows in Canada: The Western Canadian Agribition and the Farm Progress Show.

Another notable festival in the province is the Downtown Ice and Fire Winter Carnival which is held between Feb. 15 and 18 and includes winter activities include snow sculptures in Victoria Park, masquerade ball, and lantern procession.

Regina: The Capital City of Saskatchewan

To witness the quintessential art and culture of this province, tourists should visit the capital city, Regina, which is the home for many performing arts venue. Aside from this, the city has also been popular for its museums, art galleries, and cultural centers.

Meanwhile, Regina has more parks compared to other cities in Canada which means that tourists can enjoy strolling in several beautiful parks including the Victoria Park which is the center for major events and celebrations and the Willow Island which is a located in Wascana Lake.

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