Things to Do in Belfast Ireland

Best Place to Visit in Ireland

If it is asked as to which the best place to visit in Ireland then surely it is is going to be Belfast. The city offers so much of attractions with a rich and fascinating night life too. There are so many things to do in Belfast, Ireland like visiting theatre, museum, doing shopping.

Belfast in Ireland is regarded as one of the most rocking places to visit especially if you are going for a tour. There is so much you can do here in Belfast that you will certainly enjoy your trip.

The city is regarded as quite friendly and hence you can just carry on yourself with ease and comfort.

What to Do in Belfast:

  • It is regarded as one of the most suitable places to enjoy and relax.
  • You will love to walk around even on foot.
  • The city is quite vibrant at night time as the pubs are opened. So if you are in a mood to dance and have fun all night then you will surely love this city.
  • Ulster Museum in Belfast is quite famous and it is known to display some of the best artefacts of early Ireland.
  • Ormeau Baths Gallery- this is an interesting place to visit as it is a contemporary art gallery.
  • Belfast in fact attracts visitors in thousands almost on a monthly basis since the city has much to offer. There are so many interesting places to visit and so much to do in Belfast.
  • You would even love meeting the local people here who are outspoken and friendly.
  • If you are a theatre buff then don’t forget to visit the Lyric theatre. This is quite known for the interesting and entertaining plays which it has been showing. The plays are a mix of both classic and contemporary stories.
  • For those who love to read and read, Linen Hall Library is surely one of the best places to go. This will offer you a host of books on Irish culture, history and the people. So if knowing Ireland in all its manifestations is your aim then this is a sure shot place for you.

Enjoying in Belfast:

  • Shopping in Belfast can both be fun and frolic as it offers you a variety of things depending upon your budget. There are some independent shops and boutiques which offer attractive things for you to buy like gift items, antiques, clothes etc.
  • When it comes to food, the city doesn’t disappoint you. There are some good restaurants offering you delicious food.
  • Caife Feirste /Culturlann: The food here is good and the atmosphere too is quite lively. The prices of the food are also quite reasonable and thereby affordable. The soothing music adds to the beauty.
  • Mourne Seafood Bar: A nice bar to visit with some good food being served there. Quality wise too you get delicious food here.
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