Texas Interesting Places to Visit

Places to Visit in Texas

Texas interesting places visit include a number of worth visiting places. These places have something interesting about them or have a nice past. Architecturally as well these places have a beauty of their own. Places to visit in Texas includes The Orange Show Houston, Texas, Cadillac Ranch, The Spoetzl Brewery, Saint Cyrils and Methodius Catholic Church.

Texas has a lot of interesting places to offer to the visitors. It is regarded as one of the worth visiting tourist attractions in USA.

The Orange Show Houston, Texas

It was created from the year 1956- 1979. It is considered to be one of the masterpieces of architecture. It is constructed of brick and steel. The park also includes a pond, an oasis, there is a gift shop as well as museum.

Cadillac Ranch

It was built in 1974 by Stanley Marsh 3. It is said to be located at Amarillo, Texas. Visitors who visit this place basically write the Graffiti here.

The Spoetzl Brewery

It was founded in 1909 and is said to be the oldest independent brewery. You can visit the brewery as brewery tours are organised here from Monday to Friday.

Saint Cyrils and Methodius Catholic Church

It is said to be a jewel of the city of Shiner in Texas. The church is indeed a worth visiting place. The architecture is indeed superb with the high level altar, beautiful statues, painted murals, stained glasses all add a majestic look to the building.

With the total renovation undertook only a few years back, it has regained its look. The wall have also been repainted and sealed with carpet being also laid across the entire church. It is indeed one of the most visited monuments in the entire Texas and draws visitors in thousands.

The Gaslight Theatre

The theatre has undergone restoration and once more painted in way which resembles its old look. The amateur productions for which it is known organises three productions in a year.

Big Bend National Park

It is located in South Western Texas. The park also includes mountains, deserts as well as rivers. You can for a number of sports at the park like camping and hiking. You can even opt for floating trips at Rio Grande river. You will love being part of the scenery here which is simply awesome.

Padre Island

It is a barrier island at the coast of the Texas and receives a large number of visitors across the year. You can get a good opportunity to see a number of wildlife animals here if you visit the island. There are a number of activities which you can do here like beachcombing, boating, camping, fishing, hiking and more.

Welhausen Park

It is a one square block park and features a number of interesting features like children’s playground, bandstand.

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