Breakfast Places in Seattle

Where to Eat in Seattle

There are some of the best breakfast places in Seattle which offers some of the most delicious food to the people. When it comes to as to where to eat in Seattle, there are many hotels and restaurants which offer the best food. These restaurants include Jak’s Grill, Blue Star Cafe, Chinook’s, Mae’s Phinney Ridge Cafe.

Known for the richness in its diversity, Seattle is known for the variety of cuisines it offers to the visitors as well as those staying in the city. There is an innovative kind of breakfast which is offered to the people here and most of the visitors simply love the delicious food. Owing to the wide variety of food which is made available here, you will find a large number of restaurants in Seattle.

Jak’s Grill

It is quite a famous restaurant here in Seattle. It offers American cuisine to its guests. The restaurant has special features available for the disabled people while it is said to be a family friendly restaurant. You will love the food being offered here including the fish and other sea foods.

Blue Star Cafe

It is said to be one of the busiest cafe’s in Seattle. The place is also offering one of the largest menus to the guests and so you have a wide range of dishes to choose from.


One of the most visited restaurant’s in Seattle. You will love the view from the window of the restaurant where you will see hundreds of fishing vessels. The place also has a ramp where the kids can run and thus have fun.

Mae’s Phinney Ridge Café

This is one of the most original restaurant’s around the city and offers some of the great foods. You will get what you want but you need to wait for around 15 minutes before you get the food.

12th Avenue Café

It serves breakfast all day and has been awarded as well for the kind of food along with hospitality it offers to the guests. In many of the ways it is considered to be one of the best breakfast places in Seattle and people flock here in large numbers. You can order some of the best cooked delicious food here.

You will enjoy the entrees like the signature plate, the Montana. Weekdays are all the more worth enjoying since the restaurant offers two lunch specials and soups on these days. Simply sit here and enjoy the food here.

Agua Verde Cafe & Paddle Club

It is located at the Boat Street. It is a simple and friendly boast house which is having a number of things to offer to the guests. It is basically a Mexican restaurant. But you need to go early on the weekdays. The staff is also warm and friendly.

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