Places to Visit in Normandy

Places to see in Normandy

There are quite a number of places in Normandy that would let you know more about its past. To fully understand Normandy, one has to visit more than WWII sites and museums. You can actually find a great number of tourist attractions that are within the area of this town.

A delightful and relaxed Normandy is found in the south of Picardy. You can stroll around its old port called Honfleur or explore the narrow streets of Mont St Michel. There is a lovely town called Cabourg where you can spend a day and relax on the beach. The greatest asset of this place is its 400 miles of shoreline. It plays a huge part of history especially the D-Day landings. You can actually visit small fishing village and elegant resorts that appear in its coastline boasting sandy beaches. This delightful area has so much more to offer aside from its glorious beaches. There are seaside resorts and charming local markets. Its landscape is filled with apple orchards, mature forests and historic towns.

Mont Saint Michel

This attraction is a village with cafes, bars and superb craft shops. Surrounding this place is view that is magnificent both within its walls and surrounding areas. There was a small chapel that was built in the 11th century and become a major place of pilgrimage. The chapel becomes a big abbey. With this place are beautifully carved columns seems to be suspended between sky and sea. This Mont Saint Michel Bay is where you can find the highest tide where it reveals largest areas of mussel growing and oyster farming. If you want a view of ever changing landscape and see species of birds and wildlife then see the Duchess Anne Dike.


It is a small town with cobbled streets and historic houses, abundant cafés and restaurants. Bayeux Tapestry is situated inside the Cathedral Notre-Dame. It is really famous for tourist. The structure is so outstanding with rounded arches decorated with Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon designs. Outside of Bayeux is where you can find Arromanches-les-Bains. This is a harbor made of mulberry and floating across the Channel.

Marais du Cotentin

This is a local village covering about 120,000 hectares. It was preserve as a breeding ground for flora and fauna. There are dykes and elevated roads because of flood happening during autumn and winter. During spring and summer, it is marshes and rich grazing ground. This is a perfect spot for bird watchers. There are boat trips and pony trekking that you can do.


It is a place popular in the middle ages. There are ancient houses and buildings found in the area. There was a Museum for Peace built in 1988.


This is a place for stop over for tourist travelling to Omaha Beach and the Pointe du Hoc. Normandy’s busiest port is popular for artist who wants inspiration.

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