Places to Go in West Sussex

What to Visit in West Sussex

If you intend to go on a tour then West Sussex can just be the right place for you. There are various places to go in West Sussex. It has a rich cultural heritage and known for a large number of gardens, museums, picnic spots so what to visit in West Sussex will primarily depend upon your interests.

West Sussex is a county which is located in the South of England. It is a varied county with lots of places worth visiting. It is one of the favourite destinations of those interested in walking and cycling since it has beautiful cycling grounds. The county is well known for its various museums, gardens, religious buildings. There are various art buildings in the county as well as a rich cultural history. It is a synthesis of almost all the popular places which the people might be interested in visiting.

Little Hampton Beach

It is located on the bank of the river Arun, it is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and sea fronts. There are a number of picnic spots in the nearby areas and the beautiful seaside offers a delightful view. You can easily take your entire family there for holidays and spend quality time of the clean beaches.

Apart from this, the places offer various sporting events like kite surfing, fishing, and diving. You can also play golf, tennis, squash, riding- there is no denying of the fact that there is almost something for everything in this beautiful county.

Amberely Museum

It is one of the most visited places in the West Sussex, it offers a lot to the visitors including vintage transport, exhibits and much more. A number of volunteer craftspeople like the woodturners, wheelrights also reside in its vicinity. The museum is spread over around 36 acres, transport too is available in order to let the tourists visit the same.

Arundel Castle- Almost 200 years old castle, this has been a home to visitors for over all these years. It is known for priceless pieces of art work. Come to the castle if you love paintings, sculpture. But don’t bring your cameras since photography is not allowed inside the castle.

Borde Hill Garden

You surely would be missing something if you don’t visit this more than a historic garden. Spread as far as 200 acres this garden has some of the rarest plant varieties and trees in its vicinity. You can enjoy the beautiful fragrances in the rose garden, have fun in the large playgrounds and get into the adventure mode.

West Sussex is also quite rich in religious buildings also. So you can visit the Bosham church which is located in the Bosham village. This is a beautiful place which has been inhabited since the times of Romans. It has all the basic features and amenities available.

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