Places to Visit in Coventry

Places to go in Coventry

Coventry is a destination that is rich in history and culture because of its wide range of museums, art centers, cathedral and guildhalls. Surrounded by beautiful countryside of Warwickshire, this is a town that you need to explore. There are quite a number of attractions found in Coventry that can truly fill your itinerary while you are on a vacation.

Coventry is a booming town that is rich in culture and history. If you are traveler who wants to discover new things, this place is truly something that you want to explore. Whether you are with your family or loved one, you will surely enjoy the trail, history and heritage of Coventry. This legend filled town is surrounded countryside of Warwickshire. If you want to take a break from everyday life, this rural landscape and market town is a setting that you need to discover while you are in the region. Here are some snapshots of top attractions found in Coventry.

All Saint’s Church

This is one of the most historical and religious structures in Coventry. However the remains of the structure was remolded in the 13th century. Majority of the structure was designed in 1863. This is where you can find intricately designed glass windows.

Black Swan Terrace

It is a series of houses that was rebuilt like in the 15th century. Guest can get to see the life of the people back in the olden times. There is medieval garden filled with plants and flowers. This experience would truly take you back in time.

Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve

For nature lovers, you will truly love this hundreds of acres of lakes, woods and marshes. This is a place where you can find several species of plants and animals that are rare and can only be found in this region. It has a center where you can learn more about the history of the park. There are also different things that you can do while in the area.

Cheylesmore Manor

This building is one of the well preserve structures in the city and where the registry office is found. This manor is the only unprotected palace in the region. It was built during the 16th century and was commissioned by Queen Isabella. You need to reserve if you want to tour the whole place.

Coventry Cathedral

If you want to lift your spirits up then take a walk in the Coventry cathedral. It is a center of worship for Christians. There are a lot of people gathering in the church every week.

Coventry Toy Museum

For travelers with children, it is a good idea to have them see the collection of toys that dates from 1740 to 1951. The museum is owned by Ron and Sonya Morgan. The place is one of the finest collections found in the whole of England. Everyday new toys fill the place.

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