Places to Eat in Leicestershire

Top Restaurants in Leicestershire

Found in the center of English shires, this is where you can see fields and other memorable keepsake of the past. However this is not the only thing that Leicestershire is known for. The new restaurants that offer new dishes are giving the place an identity. However there are legendary specialties that are still part of the menu.

Leicestershire is a small town where you can find restaurants that offer local dishes. If you love food and drinks, this place will not disappoint you. Visiting Leicestershire will not be complete if you didn’t get a chance to taste their Stilton cheese. There are also other local produce that are worth trying like wines, fruits and ales from breweries. First time visitors will not a problem if they want to eat out. This is because there are quite a number of choices to discover ranging from pubs and restaurants that offer Asian food and other international cuisines. The place is also dotted with grocery stores and farmer’s market. Whatever food you like, definitely Leicestershire will spice up your taste buds.

The case

This is one of the favorite restaurants of local people in Leicestershire. This is inspired by London because of its buzzing atmosphere with the best menu to complement the ambiance. The restaurant was situated in an old factory but with modern decors. You can have the best view in their big windows. You will surely love their fish cakes made from salmon. Although they serve the food in a hefty portion, the wines are quite expensive. The staff are friendly which is great for a relax evening.


This place is found in the suburbs of Leicester. The restaurant is spacious with open kitchen. The atmosphere is laid back and for this a lot of regulars hang out in this place while enjoying light and easy meals. The staff is all friendly and hardworking. You can choose from American or full English breakfast. For lunch and dinner, you can choose from salmon, goose or meat dishes. Deserts can truly cap off every meal. Don’t worry about the price because it is so affordable.


The moment you set foot in the restaurant, you will know right away that everything is served by professionals. The place is comfortable and very modern. The menu offer great Italian food. The best dishes include chicken, mullet, pasta and pizza. They also have great selection of wine


The restaurant is offering modern European cuisine. The food is well cooked that complements the beautiful bohemian atmosphere. The wine list consists of old and new selection. There is a patio where you can enjoy the summer. Make sure to book early because it tends to get filled up especially during weekends.

Hambleton Hall

Location plus good food plus great service is equals to Hambleton Hall. This is a beautiful country house hotel where you can get away from the city. All meals are done with finest ingredients.

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