Places to Stay in Sligo

Accommodations in the Town of Sligo

There are several places to stay in Sligo which range from a luxurious hotel, to an affordable but still decent accommodation in a farmhouse. But whatever the choice of the guests is, they should not just stay in their hotels or farmhouses so they can see the natural beauty of the countryside and the town’s hidden treasure.

Sligo is a principal town and the largest urban area in the Northwest Ireland which makes this place a popular tourist destination. Another reason why the town is popular for travelers is because it has a diverse culture which can be seen from the festivals celebrated by the locals here.

When it comes to places to stay in Sligo, tourists who are in a tight budget can choose small inns and “bed and breakfasts” which are mostly located on Cairns Hill, old Dublin road, and Bundoran road.

However, tourists who have bigger budget can choose from one of the following places to stay in Sligo:

The Glasshouse

This hotel has a unique and unconventional architectural design that reflects the town’s vibrancy. And inside the hotel, the floor is covered with psychedelic carpets, colorful windows, and bright canvasses.

While it appears as a luxurious hotel, the rate in Glasshouse is relatively affordable to guests despite that it provides amenities including sound-proof rooms, conference facilities, free Internet access, and elegant patios.

Sligo Park Hotel and Leisure Club

This is a four-star hotel that lies in the northwestern part of Sligo and has a large garden with towering trees that give this place a relaxing and serene ambiance.

In addition, the hotel has a restaurant that serves mouth-watering dishes. But for the guests who want to have a casual dinner, they can try the Rathanna Bar and Terrace where they can also enjoy the beautiful outside view.

Benbulben Farm

This farmhouse accommodation that is located in Drumcliffe has been featured in Lonely Planet program as it provides an authentic countryside experience for its guests. In addition, this accommodation is located near several tourist destinations including the Round Tower, Drumcliffe High Cross, and Rosses Point.

Clarion Hotel

This hotel lies near the town of Sligo where guests can enjoy the breathtaking view of the gardens and manicured lawns dotted with high trees, perfect for tourists who want to stay in a relaxing place.

When it comes to accommodations, the hotel has suites, bedrooms, and family rooms complete with kitchen, dining area, and reception area. Also, the hotel has two restaurants that offer delicious local cuisine, a spa, fitness center, and kid’s club.

Meanwhile, this hotel also offers facilities and amenities for business conference, large or intimate party, wedding, and other celebrations.

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