Places to Stay in Pitlochry

Where to Stay in Pitlochry

As a popular tourist destination, there are places to stay in Pitlochry which range from an affordable but beautiful villa, to an upscale hotel. Meanwhile, tourists can also enjoy the town’s breathtaking countryside, hiking and camping from the nearby mountains, and a visit to a quaint restaurant and boutique.

Pitlochry is a picturesque town in Scotland which has been attracting tourists with its breathtaking countryside, Victorian-inspired architecture, and beautiful mountains which are perfect for camping and hiking.

As a quaint town popular among tourists, there are countless of beautiful places to stay in Pitlochry that will make the vacation memorable and exciting. Meanwhile, these are some notable accommodations in the area:

Wellwood House

This is a four-star hotel that is actually a Victorian manor house located in the town center. But since the place is located in a 2-acre garden, guests can enjoy a relaxing experience and a stunning view of the mountains.

The manor house, which was built in 1881, has several gardens that include a stream, a pond, and animals such as wild ducks, deer, and squirrels.

When it comes to the interior design, the rooms in the hotel have high ceiling and cozy ambiance. Guests can also enjoy complete amenities from each room including Internet access, air-conditioning system, mini bar, satellite television, and DVD player.

Crerar Scotlands Hotel

Aside from rooms and suites, this hotel also has two private houses complete with modern amenities and home service. In addition, the accommodation has a small bistro, a Scottish restaurant, a heated indoor swimming pool, a sauna, and a lounge area for its guests.

Knockendarroch House Hotel

This hotel is actually a Victorian mansion which lies in a 1.5-acre elevated garden where guests can relax and enjoy the stunning view of streams and the surrounding hills. And because this mansion is walking-distance to the town center, guests can also enjoy strolling in the streets which are dotted with Victorian buildings.

Acarsaid Hotel

For tourists who are looking for a cheap but decent accommodation, Acarsaid Hotel is probably the most ideal place to stay in the countryside.

This family-run hotel offers its guests with a mouthwatering local cuisine. And aside from this, it also provides package trips that include golfing, mountain biking, hiking, and strolling in the town center.

Carra Beag in Pitlochry

This Victorian-inspired villa is located in the town center but still manages to offer its guest with a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside and mountain ranges.

Another advantage of staying in this affordable hotel is that it offers a relaxing vacation experience perfect for city-dwellers who want to have a break from their fast-paced lifestyle.

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