Places to Stay in Rhode Island

Rhode Islandís Accommodation Guide

Rhode Island is boasting off with some best harbors and marina in this side of the country. There are a lot of attractions in this state. It is near a lot of major cities and for this reason; there are a lot of visitors who take the time to see the place. Here are some of the top accommodations while you are in rhode island

Rhode Island is situated nearby some of the northeast cities like Boston and New York. The town is so small so it is easy to get from one spot to another. This means you can make the most out of your vacation in Rhode Island. The accommodations in this small town are far beyond boring. You can definitely get the most of it while in the place.

Anchor B&B

This accommodation is just a short distance from the Newport harbor. It was built in 1877 with Victorian theme. The bed & breakfast accommodation can satisfy all your desire with private bath, tv, and friendly hosts. Anchor B&B is surrounded by Newport Historic Zone residential neighborhood. You can explore the neighborhood by foot. The hosts can very well answer to your needs. You will love the homey atmosphere that this accommodation is projecting. The best thing about this accommodation is the fact that it is very affordable considering the things included in the package. You will surely love the surroundings of this accommodation.

Champlins Resort

This accommodation is one of the finest and largest resorts in the area. This place equipped with restaurants, bars, courts and pool. If you are looking for family resort, this is a perfect choice if you want this unique kind of experience.

Touro Park Inn

This bed & breakfast started as a manor house that was built in the 1800. This old structure is set in the center of historic hill. You will definitely love the opportunity an experience of this place. You can just relax in the peaceful setting of this wonderful inn perfect after long days of exploration.

Almondy Bed and Breakfast Inn

This is considered one of the finest in Rhode Island lodging. The place is conveniently situated near the famous Bannister's and Bowen's Wharfs. The elegant place was recently restored to its original charm. It is situated near some finest restaurants, shops, boutiques and galleries.

Attwater Villa

This accommodation is a combination of elegant hotel and warmth of a bed & breakfast. You will surely love the fact that it is near some of main attractions. The place was built in the 1900 and because of its location; it is in the center of a lot of activities. A walk to the nearby homes will take you to the 17th century. It is just a minute away from Tennis Hall of Fame and "Mansions". This place offers a wide common space both from the indoor and outdoor.

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