Places to Stay in Busselton

Overview of Bussleton Hotels and Resorts

An overview of the Bussleton hotels and resorts is quite helpful in knowing which are the places to stay in Busselton. It is a one of the most visited places in Australia owing to its scenic beauty and historical significance. You can enjoy your stay here; either you come alone, or with the family.

Busselton is a tourist town which is located in the south west part of Western Australia. It is one of the best known tourist places of Australia owing to its landscape and places to visit. Travellers flock to this city in numbers and even enjoy their stay here.

The town is known for a number of historical monuments as well and hence it is a must visit places in Western Australia. There are a number of hotels and places worth staying in Busselton, provided you know which those places are.

Togg’s Cottage

It is a friendly and warm cottage worth staying. With the Margaret river flowing by the side, you can surely enjoy your stay here. By look’s it appears as if you are in the 50’s beach bungalow, but it is very cosy and friendly atmosphere ensures you a comfortable stay. With the beach by the side, it is an ideal place for the families and the couples.

Cape View Apartments

Being at the Cape View Apartments will surely make you feel as if you are in paradise. Located on the shores of the Geographic Bay it has Margaret River flowing in the midst. The accommodations provided here are quite spacious, with complete privacy. You can also enjoy the beach view from the apartments.

Abbey Beach Resort

You are provided with all the best facilities possible at the Abbey Beach Resort. With the Geographic Bay surrounding the resort it is a dream resort for the couples who can enjoy their private moments here. Amongst the various facilities available, you are also provided with a fully equipped kitchen, private balcony and a private double spa to rejuvenate you. You can also enjoy various sports like tennis, squash and a playground for children. It is centrally located and so you can also visit the nearby wineries, art galleries and much more from the resort.

Broadwater Executive Villa 3

The villa is located adjacent to the Broadwater beach resort. You are equipped with various facilities like pool, spa, tennis court. The beach is located at the walking distance.

Broadwater Bed and Breakfast- it is run by husband and wife and the guests can relax comfortably in the broadwater bed and breakfast. There are available two bedrooms, guest rooms, breakfast room, a big lounge along with an outdoor pool.

Bussleton Beachfront

This house is located exactly opposite to the Bussleton beach and is a worth staying place. Sitting at home you can enjoy the ocean and its waters.

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