Places to See in Chikmagalur

Places to go near Chikmagalur

Located in southwest of Karnataka area, chikmagalur means ’The Younger Daughter’s Town’. There are many legends surrounding the area. This place can be described to peaceful and serene. You will surely love the scenic views surrounding the area. There are quite a number of attractions in Chikmagalur including hills stations and holy spots.

Found in the region of Karnataka, Chikmagalur is a destination that is rich in mountains and lakes. Chandradrona Parvatha or also known as Bababudan Hills provides the whole place a beautiful setting. The highest peak in this area is about 1829 meter. Chikmagalur is also rich in history. It was the first district that started a coffee plantation. In the mountains is where you can find some of the most beautiful waterfalls. There are numerous tourist attractions in Chikmagalur ranging from natural spots, pilgrim places and hills stations.


This place is where the temple trikuta is located. The unique thing about this structure is the fact that it was built following the Hoysala architecture. Everywhere you look, the temple is filled with carvings and sculptures. Near trikuta is another temple called Hatuda Ganapathi. This is dedicated to the deity of hindi endeavors.


Situated on the banks of holy river, Sringeri is considered a holy place. There is temple which dedicated to Saradha. Another to visit in this place is dedicated Lord Chenna Kesava Perumal. The temple was constructed for 80 years and it is still incomplete until now. You can see `Paraswanatha Basti, a jain monument. Perhaps the most popular tourist location in this place is the Vidyasankara Temple. You can find 12 pillars that are positioned where the ray of sun fall every month. There are different accommodations in Sringeri which is great for first time visitors.

Amriteswara Temple

Built in the 12 century, this temple is found in Amritapura and was commissioned by Amrita Dandanayaka. The temple reflects hoysalas architectural style and the whole temple is in star shape. There are different images of Goddess Saraswathi found in this place.

Kalahasthi Waterfalls

This waterfall is found in the region of Kemmananangudi. There is a beautiful hill resort that is filled with different species of plants and animals. You can also find Hebbe falls that have a 250 feet dive.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

This is considered a home to wild life animals such as elephants, deers, panthers, bear and lions. You can be able to see these animals up close. There are quite a number of bird species in the area.


A city found in the Karnataka State is Shimoga which is located in the banks of the river
Tungabhadra. Keladi Nayakas is an event that is very popular among tourist. The landscape is filled with monuments and temples. The economy of Shimoga relies on ivory and sandalwood.

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