Historical Places in China

Historical Places to Visit in China

There are a number of historical places in China which have a significance of their own. These are world renowned structures which stands in China and are known for their grandeur like the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven. These places are worth visiting as these are the places of historical value in China.

China is having a history of more than five thousand years. It can be really considered to be a treasure house of history and most memorable place to be visited. You will certainly enjoy having a glimpse of the never seen before historical places in China.

The Great Wall of China

Perhaps it is the most recognised landmark of not just China but the entire world. It was built as a defence against the enemies. In the historical times it was considered to be the world’s largest defence system built for military purposes.

The Forbidden City

It is also called as the Imperial city and has a historical significance of its own. It is situated in the centre of the Beijing city. It is considered to be the perfect example of the hierarchy system which was prevalent in those times.

The Temple of Heaven

It was founded in the early 15th century and consists of not just beautiful gardens but a large number of pine woods too adorn the place. It is believed that it acts as the perfect synthesis of the union of heaven and earth.

Yangtze River Cruises

The cruise is said to be a major tourist attraction of the city of China and a large number of tourists flock to this place in order to enjoy the vacations at the Three Gorges, Shore Excursions, Three Gorges Dam.

China Garden

Gardens have a special significance in China and most of the Chinese homes boast of a small garden built of not just flowers, trees but even rocks.

Mount Taishan

It consists of 112 peaks and each is significant in its own way, the most important being the Jade Emperor’s Peak. Mount Taishan is having a religious significance and it is said to be the symbol of heaven on earth. A large number of people go to this peak as they considered it as a pilgrimage center. Apart from the peak, there are a large number of temples too in the way.

Mogao Caves

It basically consists of a large number of Buddhist cave temples. You will come across hundreds of manuscripts of the past centuries which have been preserved here.

Mount Huangshan

It is basically known for its “Lotus Flower Peak”. The rock formations of this area along with the beautiful clouds make this place a worth visiting place, the phenomenon is such that it is not to be seen anywhere else in the world.

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