Places to Eat in Georgetown

Guide to Georgetown Restaurants

If you are visiting DC for the first time, it is a good idea to add Georgetown into your itinerary. Prepare your taste buds to some the best restaurants found in the state. There are handful of restaurants that one weekend is not enough to have a taste of everything.

Georgetown is one of the neighborhoods in Washington DC. Among other towns in the District, Georgetown is described to be upscale with brick town homes. This is where you can find world class restaurants and high street shops. Georgetown also has quite a number of attractions in the state including the ever famous Georgetown University where notable political leaders studied. The bulk of nightlife, shopping scenes and dining can be seen in four neighborhoods and that includes Georgetown. The dining experience in this place is multi cultural. It is also known for its boutique and shops especially the most visited Georgetown Park. Here are some of the best restaurants in Georgetown.

Filomena Ristorante

This is one of the most popular restaurants in Washington. Filomena Ristorante is also a notable Italian restaurant in the city. Situated in the center of Georgetown, it has put a name in the map as the best place to eat lunch or dinner. It is serving locals for 25 years with its old world recipes. It has certainly mixed both traditional and modern culinary techniques to Italian cooking. If you are looking for a best place to have luncheon or candle lit dinner then this place can surely provide.


This restaurant is situated right in the center of the bustling streets of Georgetown. It is open daily to serve both lunch and dinner. It was established in 1963 and since then tourist and locals alike make this as their hang out place. The menu is moderately price and the ambiance is casual which is perfect for catch up among friends. Don’t forget to order their famous crab cake and filet mignon.

Michel Richard

Named after the world renowned chef, this restaurant serves the best dishes to celebrities and VIPs that visit the place. The service provided is professional. Meals are presented very well. This restaurant also serves fine collection of wine that can accompany their delectable dishes. The tasting menu is about $150 person. If you want to taste the course prepared by Michel, it is available about $200.

The Tomb

This place is just below the upscale restaurant called 1789. The tomb is known as basement bar that caters mostly to college students. The place is casual and many Georgetown university students frequent the place. Enjoy their burgers and sandwiches that are complemented by bar drinks.

Cafe Bonaparte

This cafe will give you a feel that you are in a paris cafe. They offer homemade crapes, coffee, special desserts and even cocktails.

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