Places to Eat in Downtown Chicago

Popular Restaurants in Chicago Downtown

Chicago is garnered one of the best cities in the United States. This award is not just for its attractions but also for the restaurants found in the area. Take note that it doesn’t stop from hotdog stand and pizza chains; there are quite a number of fine dining restaurants especially in the downtown area.

Chicago is associated to a lot of things like skyscrapers, musicals and others. You are certainly correct if you choose the word restaurants. There are thousands of restaurants in Chicago that is vying for the number of spots. This place is truly proud of culinary masterpiece. From sellers of pizzas and hotdogs on the streets, there are leading chefs that offers fine dining. Here are some best places to eat while in Chicago.

Charlie Trotter's

This restaurant was named after its leading chef. They offer French and Asian cuisines. They change their menu everyday so you can be assured the ingredients are fresh. Your visit to Chicago is not complete without having to experience this restaurant. Charlie’s trotters have received quite a number of accolades since it was opened twenty years ago. This place is set to open in a hotel in the same city.


This restaurant was inspired by the city itself. The dining rooms are filled with big table. It is an intimate restaurant with colorful and jazzy decors that complement its velvet chairs. For just below a hundred dollars, you can have a three course meal.


This place was opened in 2005 and counted as one of the top restaurants in the whole country. Since its inception, it has made noise in the culinary world. You can choose either tasting menu or tasting tour and all cost below two hundred dollars. You will be impressed by the taste of every food being served by this restaurant.


This French restaurant is on top of the restaurant found in downtown area. It is very impressive restaurant. It is set in the 40th floor of a building overlooking the whole city of Chicago. The kitchen is spearheaded by world class chef. You will surely enjoy the seven course meal. You can also choose from three or four course meals. You can finish everything with good desserts.


If you want a taste of Italian, then visit Spiaggia. This is a 4 star Italian restaurant that combines fine dining and wholesomeness of Italian cuisine. This place has outstanding wine list and for this reason it has receive a lot of awards. You shouldn’t miss the seven course meals being offered by the place. You can also choose from the a la carte menu with various ranges of dishes. If you are in Chicago for a vacation, it is a good idea to drop by 4 star Spiaggia.

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