Places of Interest in Oxford

Places to See in Oxford

Oxford city is not just famous for its prestigious educational institutions but also for its large green space, galleries and theaters, beautiful gardens and parks, pubs, and specialized shops. The list of places of interest in Oxford goes on since the city has a magnificent architecture, vibrant culture, and rich history.

Oxford city is famous for its prestigious educational institutions, some of which have been the home of scholars and noblemen since the 19th century. Today, this English city has become a bustling cosmopolitan town which is attracting local and foreign tourists who want to enjoy a city that has a rich history and vibrant culture.

For visitors who want to make sure that they will have a bonafide and unforgettable experience, they should visit these places of interest in Oxford:

Oxford University Parks

Locally called as Uni Parks, this one large green space is located northeast of the Oxford city. Meanwhile, this public park has several beautiful gardens with rare plants and flowers, large sports fields, and a wide space for a quiet promenade and picnic.

South park

This park, located on Headington Hill in east Oxford, is a popular venue for major events and concerts because it has the largest green space in the city. And when visitors go to the park’s historic towers, they will have the most perfect view of the whole city.

Cuttleslowe Park

This park is ideal for family vacationers since it has a children’s swimming pool and a miniaturized golf. In addition, the park has several tennis courts, a duck pond, a miniature steam railway, a small aviary, and a historic manor house which dates back during the mid-17th century.


This narrow island, which is part of the University Park, lies between the upper and lower area of Cherwell River. The name Mesopotamia is derived from a Greek word which means “between the rivers”.

Covered Market, High Street

Located along High Street, this is known as the oldest covered market in England where visitors can go to specialized small shops, boutiques, restaurants and cafeterias, and food stores.

Turf Tavern

This place is probably one of the most popular pubs in the city especially for carousing college students who have made this place the venue for their celebrations especially during the end of their exams in summer.

The Sheldonian Theater

This theater was built within the premise of the University of Oxford during the mid-17th century. Aside from its magnificent architecture and its historical importance, the theater has been the venue for music concerts, ceremonies, and lectures.

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