Places of Interest in Birmingham

Things to Do in Birmingham

For any traveler who wants to visit Birmingham for a day, there are quite a number of places of interest in this place that you shouldn’t afford to miss. It is best to select the ones that would interest you. Before going to Birmingham, it is a wise idea if you can plan your itinerary first.

Birmingham or also known as Brum is the second largest city in England. It has reinvented itself as a cultural hotspot for a lot of travelers. Its industrial landscape and geographical setting has crossed paths with glamorous shops, buzzing pubs and jumping nightclubs. You can also find traces of war in the town setting. Despite all this, you can make the most out of visiting Birmingham. Its city center can be described as cultural and architectural gems that dot the entire city. The city is also vibrant and colorful. If you visit the city, you will be delighted with the different places of interests that it has to offer.

Building of Bournville Estate

This is the site where you can find the Cadbury World. It is a fascinating and historic place that you can visit. George Cadbury conceptualized the idea of building a housing estate. He created a Bournville Village Trust whose main purpose is to ensure the maintenance and preservation of estate for generations. You can still find the early beginnings of the property and know about the history of it.

Canal Network of Birmingham

There is a 174 miles of canal in the area and only a few miles that is navigable. Walking its path will give a chance to see the city and town in a whole different perspective. The canals are improved so that it would be safe and enjoyable. In fact there is no need for a boat. The government is actually trying to develop this place. Whether by walking or by boating, you will see the history of the canals and development of the city.


Digbeth is the area where the first settlers of Birmingham were founded. The town grew with people with certain skills. Those who want to take part in Birmingham life will definitely find a home in this place. Its water supply including its natural spring is a magnet for its visitors. The name came from the word 'Duck's bath'. Today, it is a successful industrial center with good community life. You see it in the structures and discovery trails that is surely a heritage.

Jewelry Quarter

This area gains its Conservation Area status. It dates back to over 250 years and contains Birmingham's last remaining Georgian Square. The maintenance of the place is funded by Jeweler Quarter Regeneration Partnership.

Victoria Square

It is a place situated in the junction of three streets - New Street, Paradise Street and Colmore Row. It is also known as Council House Square. It contains that statue of Queen Victoria. You can find here the town’s hall, Iron Man and the 'Floozie in the Jacuzzi'.

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