Most Dangerous Places in the World to Visit

Places Which are Dangerous to Visit

There are some of the places which are dangerous to visit in the world, crime is prevalent on a wide level. You are not safe nor your belongings. Gangs of robbers are there to loot you on the roads so avoid deserted roads. Most dangerous places in the world to visit includes Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Iraq.

There are a number of dangerous places in the world today where you should visit at your own risk. These places are considered to be tough keeping in view the large rate of crime in these countries as well as risk to life and health.

Russia- is regarded as a dangerous country keeping in view the crime rate.

  • The gangsters roam freely and so you have to be quite cautious.
  • It said that the police doesn’t take much action against these gangsters who rule the roads more than the police itself. Chechnya which is a region within Russia is said to be worst affected region.
  • Cases of prostitution, drug trafficking reign supreme and hence it is not considered safe enough to be visited. Most of the common crimes includes pick pocketing, snatching away of the cellphones, cameras as well as cash.

Brazil –

  • Though Brazil is a rich country but still poverty reigns supreme in the remote areas of the country, hence the crime rate is quite high.
  • Street crime is said to be quite rampant especially in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo.
  • Quicknappings is said to be quite common in Brazilian streets which implies you might be abducted and forcefully taken to ATM and made to pay the ransom. Organized criminal groups are also creating much havoc on the Brazil streets.

Cape Town, South Africa-

  • It is not just the travelers who fear crime in this city rather even the locals are made to suffer the same.
  • Robbery, murder, killings seem so much rampant that you need to visit the city only at your own risk. On an average, there might occur more than 50 murders in S Africa in just one day which itself speaks of the safety concern.

New Orleans, USA-

  • This city is referred to as the murder capital of USA and hence the fear of visiting this city. Rape, armed robbery is quite common here and perhaps no one is secure and safe.
  • If you are visiting this city you should prefer not to walk at night time alone, be in groups and avoid deserted roads.


  • Owing to the presence of a large number of tribes here, violence seems to be very much prevalent since government doesn’t look after the people well so the people resort to heinous acts.
  • Terrorists groups are here in large numbers so no place is safe here to be visited.

Caracas, Venezuela –

  • Due to the increasing poverty in the country, there are more and more of gang battles.
  • The drug trade is also prevalent on a wide level.
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