Fun Things to Do in Disney World

What to do in Disney World

Are you thinking of fun things to do in Disney World? We have some few tips on what to do while visiting Disney World in Orlando Florida. Disney World is the biggest resort in the world and it receives the largest number of visitors at the same time. If you happen to visit the park, be prepared for activities in a span of days because you cannot do everything in a day.

The fun things to do in Disney World can be done in the many different theme parks within the giant resort. Disney World has four theme parks, two water parks and a lot of other minor attractions; you’ll never run out of things to do. Choose to stay in one of the resorts; this is advisable because it saves you precious time from being wasted in going in and out of the resort. One advantage to being right inside the park is getting to your favorite rides ahead of everyone else. When dining out, try out all the great restaurants inside the park. You can have your pick at any of those and what better adventure than a gastronomic one. Make sure you can sample all of them while you’re staying at Disney World.

Another fun thing to do in Disney World is going to the Cirque du Soleil. It is a show so magical and enchanting that it is not enough to see it just once. The circus too is so enjoyable you’ll want to come back for more. Put in a bit of adventure into your vacation by going to a quest in the Kilimanjaro Safari within the Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Aside from the thrilling rides, you can also see the parks animal and plant attractions which you can tour via an “open-air” vehicle.

After the relaxing tour, treat yourself to the 3D show at Epcot. The featured show will surely make you laugh and enjoy yourself while staying seated. Treat yourself to another adventure, this time playing the role of pirates at the DisneyQuest. Here you can experience being in a pirate ship and feel like one in a battle. When you check out Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you will be treated to a fantastic show of music mixed with spectacular effects that culminates in a fireworks show. A sure fire hit among children would be the show in the Animal Kingdom featuring Disney movie characters in their costumes in their specific song and dance routines with a mix of acrobatics. Just make sure to arrive in time for the show’s start.
If you enjoy a thrilling ride on the water, then a ride at the Splash Mountain would not be missed. The ride would leave you breathless and wet from the water.

In 2010, the fun things to do in Disney World will get several additions including the theater in Downtown Disney with the installation of EXT in preparation for the premiere of the show Alice in Wonderland in 3D. There will also be Ridemakerz, where visitors can create their very own RC vehicles.

If you are a pet-lover who doesn’t like leaving your pet behind while you go on vacation, you will be delighted to know that a pet care service facility will open and your pet can enjoy the same vacation as you.

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