Best Place to Stay in Disney World

Where to Stay in Disney World

Ever wonder where the best place to stay in Disney World is? So now you are in Disney World, where should you check in? The park has a total of 33 hotels and accommodations. Majority of these are owned by the Disney World company. According to resort information, the accommodations at Disney World are classified into five classes. We’ll help you with decide where to stay.

There are things that you have to consider in choosing the best place to stay in Disney World. First is what theme would you like to enjoy? Each resort has a different theme and all you have to do is make a choice which you and your family want. Aside from the deluxe class already mentioned, there are other types of accommodations depending on price considerations. The deluxe class is considerably expensive, but of course you get a lot for your money. Moderate resorts are also quite expensive but they feature large areas for other fun activities especially for children. Being in the resort can be enjoyable on its own.

Some of the best of the best places to stay in Disney World belong to the deluxe class. An example of which is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. This hotel is located nearby the Animal Kingdom. It is perfect for guests who want to gaze eat wilderness. Then there’s the Beach Club Resort and is among the resorts in the Epcot area. You can find it right beside Yacht Club Resort.

You can also go check in at the BoardWalk Inn located at the Epcot Resort. It takes its name from the famous wooden walkways found in New Jersey in the 1940’s. The Contemporary Resort is one of the first two hotels to open in the park. The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa was formerly called the Grand Floridian Beach Resort and is a hotel with a Victorian-inspired theme. It is a lavish hotel with spas for relaxation of its guests. The Polynesian Resort was the other one of the two first hotels inside the park along with the Contemporary Resort. It bears the distinction of being the location where John Lennon officially ended the band The Beatles. The Wilderness Lodge has a theme of the “Pacific Northwest”.

If you want to stay on a budget, the best choice would be the value resorts. It’s not as huge as the deluxe and moderate, but they have everything that the park offers so you would not feel like you have missed anything at all. Another great option if you like camping and is the Fort Wilderness Campground and Resort with a big place for all sorts of outdoor activities. You can also rent cabins if you don’t want to stay in tents.

Whatever your choice maybe it all depends on what you want to experience while in the Walt Disney World. There are people who sometimes choose staying off the resort but there are a million reasons why you should choose to stay inside Disney World. There are perks that are available only for those staying in the Disney like the monorail, buses or boats to get to your destination inside the park. Aside from the convenient transportation, visitors who chose to stay inside Disney world are permitted to stay at the resort an hour early and can leave later than most of the crowd. Even if the theme parks are filled to capacity, Disney World resort residents will be sure to get a place inside.

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