Edmonton Tourist Attractions

Festival Place Edmonton, Canada

Edmonton has been known as Canada’s festival city and has been popular among local and foreign tourists who want to experience the summer celebrations that commemorate the rich and colourful history of Alberta region.

In terms of attractions, the city has several to offer including its extensive river system, dining districts, golf courses, nature parks, and large malls.

Edmonton, which is the capital city of Alberta, Canada, is a beautiful place that has managed to preserve its natural beauty including the river valley which has been widely visited by local and foreign tourists with its wildlife, recreational activities such as biking and kite flying, and breathtaking views.

Some of the most popular attractions in the city:


The two most popular museums in the city are the Art Gallery of Alberta which displays the masterpiece of well-known Canadian artists and the Royal Alberta Museum which showcases the region’s rich history through its paintings, sculptures, and other works of arts.

West Edmonton Mall

The saying “shop till you drop” is applicable to this shopping mall which is the largest in North America. Aside from luxurious shops and restaurants, the mall also houses an artificial beach resort, hotel, casino, and theme park.

North Saskatchewan River Parks

This is the best part in the city to bike, jog, and walk. This river valley extends more than hundreds of kilometres, making this the largest urban park in North America.

Meanwhile, one of the most popular parks is the Hawrelak Park which is located near the University of Alberta just off Groat Road. During summer, geese and ducks frolic in the park’s large pond. On the other hand, this place is also great for winter sports activities like skiing and ice skating during winter months.

Hawrelak Park is also the site for some Edmonton festivals including the Symphony Under the Sky and the Shakespeare in the Park.

Golf courses

Because the summer months in Edmonton offer a pleasant temperature, golf courses are quite popular in the city.

Within the city, there are three public golf courses, namely, the Rundle Park (north), Riverside course (south), and Victoria (central). Aside from these, there are some privately owned golf courses operating within or near Edmonton.


The city boasts seven large casinos, namely, Marriot Enoch Resort & Casino, St. Albert Casino, Casino Edmonton, Bacarrat Casino, Casino Yellowhead, Palace Casino, and Celebration’s Casino.

Major dining centers

There are two dining centers which are popular in the city: the Downtown and Oliver (103 St., 102nd Avenue, 100 St. and Jasper Avenue) which have several gourmet restaurants and affordable bistros; and the Whyte Ave. which is popular for its one-of-a-kind restaurants.

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