A Vacation in Charlottetown, Canada

History of Charlottetown - A Beautiful City in Prince Edward Island

For those who want to have an exciting vacation in Northern Hemisphere, the best place to visit is Charlottetown which is a charming Canadian city in Prince Edward Island. Unlike other urban areas which have been stripped with natural beauty, this city has preserved its nearby beaches, cliffs, and forests.

Charlottetown is a city in Prince Edward Island, Canada where heritage homes and streets make visitors feel as if they are back in the glorious past and rich history of the country.

Aside from these architectural remnants, the city also has a captivating beauty seen from its white sand beaches, forestry, parks, and breathtaking views.

Things to do in Charlottetown

Visit the eastern coast for beautiful beaches

On the eastern coast of the city lies some of the most beautiful beaches in North America where visitors can do kayak and explore the towering coastal cliffs which have been carved by the wind and waves.

Meanwhile, tourists can also enjoy a relaxing walk along the beaches which exude a romantic ambience especially during sunrise and sunset.

Visit the Confederation Centre of the Arts

To show the rich history and culture of the locals, the Confederation Centre of the Arts provides musical performances and contemporary arts.

Enjoy the city nightlife

A visit to this place is not complete without enjoying its vibrant nightlife which includes live entertainment and music, restaurants, and comedy bars. Meanwhile, the best places to enjoy the night are Sydney Street and Kent Street.

For those who want to enjoy a night of gambling, they should visit the Charlottetown Driving Park Entertainment Centre which offers live racing and hundreds of slot machines.

Visit the nearby quaint towns

Tourists can visit the Historic District where they can walk around the place to see one of the first colonial settlements in the country.

From Founder’s Hall, visitors can walk their way to Great George Street where every building and structure, which dates back hundreds of years ago, can show the rich historic past of Canada. With all the structures from the street, one of the most remarkable is the St. Dunstan’s Basilica with its archaic but grand design.

Other historical place which must be visited is the Province House National Historic Site which is the most famous city landmark and has been considered as the official birthplace of Confederation.

Take a cruise ship

Doing this is the best way to see the island’s breathtaking views which include red cliffs, miles of beaches, pristine water, and lush vegetation.

A cruise ship will also allow tourists to see the breeding areas of seals and the rich marine life.

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