Cheap Places to Stay in Montreal

Where to Stay in Montreal

There are various areas in Montreal where inexpensive stay is available. Montreal is one of the most fashionable cities in the North America and is a worth visiting place with lots of art museums, galleries, antique shops. But for that you need to know about the cheap places to stay in Montreal.

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec and serves as the synthesis of European and American cultures. It has the most fashionable population around and a hot place for party lovers. That is why it is always on the list of the tourists who want to enjoy the times. It is considered to be one of the most admirable places in the entire North America.

Internet appears to be one of the best places where you can easily find out all the cheap hotels available in Montreal where you can have your stay, along with the low cost they need to be able to provide comfort and amenities also.

Alternative Hotel of Old Montreal

This is a good option available for many of the visitors as they charge Canadian 50 $ per night for single rooms. But the facilities provided are great including internet access, big lockers, breakfast as per your need and even washing machines. So, you can simply stay there for as long as you want. There are dormitories also which are available but of course that you need to share with someone.

Apart from this, Hotel de Paris near 901 Sherbrooke East has single rooms available for USD $45 and above, Downtown YMCA can be a good option for you if you are a single male which starts at USD $ 35. Though it doesn’t have internet access but around it a number of cyber cafes are available which you can easily make use of at a meagre price.

The Mc Gill University offers dormitories for students; same is the case with the New Residence Hall which too offers accommodation on cheaper rates. The best aspect is that apart from low prices the restaurants and the groceries in the nearby areas too are available at low rates only.

Hotel Viger near the intersection of Viger and Hubert also offers rooms at a low price, apart from this the rooms are air conditioned and neat and clean.

Holiday Inn Select Montreal Centre-Ville

This can be your dream hotel if you are interested in visiting Montreal. It is a must stay place for the leisure visitors as well as businessmen. Located just closer to the Downtown, it serves as the perfect hotel with regard to all the amenities provided.

Le Meridien Versailles – located at the Golden Square Mile. This hotel is closer to Art galleries, boutiques, museums, antique shops. So this may be just the best hotel for you.

Hotel Auberge Universel Montreal- it is another accessible hotel for the business travellers, leisure groups and conventions.

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