Best Things to Do in St. Louis

Things to See and Do in St. Louis

Are you planning for your weekend escapades or for your summer vacation while you’re thinking of the best things to do in St. Louis? We will show you the things to see and do in St. Louis plus the other main attractions and the great adventures to experience on this amazing tourist destination.

The Adventures and Best Things to Do in St. Louis

St. Louis is known as the “Best Sports City” in North America after hosting several big sports events in the history like the Olympics in 1904 and hosted the very first International Balloon Race. The city is also the home of the one of the most successful baseball teams in sport history, the St. Louis Cardinals. Aside from these achievements, St. Louis also brags to the world their top tourist attractions and historical places making them as one of the country’s favorite vacation spot and tourist’s destination. What the tourists really love on this wonderful place is the different level of adventure along with the unparalleled excitement it could bring to their hearts. Let’s cite some of the best things to do and the amazing sceneries in St. Louis.

The Top Things to See and Do in St. Louis

If you want a different level of excitement, the Gateway Arch is the best place for you. Here you can have the chance to see a good view of the city from the top by riding on the special tram. The said arch is a must-see architectural structure which you might think of how it was built that stands almost 630 ft., a tremendous height for a man-made monument over the Mississippi River. You can also pay a visit at the Museum of Westward Expansion, where lies the exhibits of artifacts and you can watch movies about the Lewis and Clark expedition.

You can do more outdoor activities such as biking, skating, and even jogging at the famous Forest Park, one of the country’s largest urban parks. In 1904, the park also hosted the greatest of the World’s Fair wherein about 19 million visitors have joined from different parts of the world, until then it still carries as one of the top cultural attractions in the city and annually it continue to host special events and festivals like the famous Shakespeare Festival. There are also several museums within the park that are free to visit and gift shops of rare memorabilia to shop in. In addition, inside the park also lies the oldest and largest outdoor theater of the country, the Muny.

The city has more to offer and more things to see. To name a few, other interesting places in the city are the Delmar Loop, Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, The Hill, Soulard, St. Louis Zoo, Citygarden, Drive Old Route 66, Missouri

Botanical Garden, Magic House, and the Cahokia Mounds. Whatever you want to do, these places are the perfect spots for your weekend happenings and summer vacation.

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