Best Places to Stay in Cape Cod

Where to Stay in Cape Cod

Planning a visit to Cape Cod for just a few days or maybe a longer period then you can select from the types of accommodation to suit you - as well as some of the best ones that you can find. They certainly define what visiting Cape Cod is all about.

People often ask why Cape Cod is a place that keeps on getting a lot of tourists every year. Of course, the most obvious are the beaches and they are the best in the world. Summer pastimes include surfing, fishing, swimming and boating. This is also where you can find dramatic sand dunes and cliffs. You can also find fresh water ponds. The unique character of the town makes it so popular as well. This is a peninsula that is divided in different towns. It has the ability to many interests of people. Cape Cod is also a destination for musicians, artists, actors and writers. Throughout the year, you can find the beauty and solitude of the place which is a source of inspiration. There are also artists and photographers that are lured to this place. There are also different accommodations that are ready for tourists.

Bed & Breakfasts, Guest Houses and Inns

By the Sea' Guests Bed & Breakfasts has a long porch that wraps around the around the house made from glass. It has walk way that leads to the white sands of their private beach. The rooms are perfect with wonderful ocean views. All bathrooms have its own ceramic tile bath with glass shower or tub. Overall the place is crisp, clean and comfortable. Honeysuckle Hill Bed & Breakfast is where you can relax and find time to enjoy the small village of West Barnstable. It is set in the glorious English gardens where you can stretch out in the sun. This place is truly captivating and charming. Any visitor would be amazed with the ambiance hospitality.

Cape Cod and Islands Campgrounds & Cabins

Shady Knoll & Atlantic Oaks Campgrounds are surrounded with pine and oak trees. The facilities found in this place hot showers, laundry room, gaming rooms, play set for children, lounge among others. Horton’s Camping Resort is a privately-owned family campground in the midst of the Cape Cod National Seashore. Any vacation at Cape Cod will locate you as close as you can get to superb beaches, picturesque dunes, boating, fishing and bathing.

Hotels and Motels

Horizons Beach Resort has amenities that include a kitchen, air condition and tv. The room has a deck that overlooks Cape Cod Bay and they have rooms with amazing views to it. Plymouth County is the quintessential New England destination. It boasts a blend of history, recreation, arts and culture, as well as lodging, dining and shopping for every taste and budget. Sleepy Hollow Motor Inn classic motel found at the entrance to historic Woods Hole Village. It is also affordable as well.

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