What to See in Fredericton

Sightseeing Fredericton, Canada

Fredericton city, capital of New Brunswick, Canada, is the cultural centre of the province as it has become popular for its music festivals, art galleries, theatres, and museums. Aside from these, the city and its surrounding towns offer breathtaking views, beautiful parks, outdoor activities and winter sports, and luxurious accommodations.

Fredericton city, which is the capital of New Brunswick, Canada, has been considered as the culture and art center of the province with its several music festivals, theatres, art galleries, and museums.

Aside from its rich culture, the place also boasts breathtaking natural beauty and exciting recreational activities for tourists which include:

Hunting and Fishing

Fishing is very popular in the nearby towns of Fredericton city where salmons and smallmouth bass are plentiful in clean rivers and streams. However, it is ideal to ask the tourism agency about the fishing seasons before doing this outdoor activity.

Meanwhile, hunting is also popular in the suburban towns surrounding the city because of the thick forests and wildlife.

Parks for the Whole Family

There are several parks that provide complete amenities and accommodations for the whole family. For example, Mactaquac Provincial Park provides fun activities including boating, camping, and swimming on its fresh water beaches.

Another park which offers fun activities is St. John River where visitors can enjoy kayaking, canoeing, golfing, and swimming during summer months.

For those who prefer sports activities, the best place to visit is the Wilmot Park where there are tennis courts, lawn bowling, baseball court, swimming pool, walking trails, children’s playground, and wide lawns ideal for picnic.


The downtown area is the best place for shopping with its luxurious boutiques and designer shops. However, galleries, studios, and shops can also be found throughout the city and its nearby towns. And because many artisans have considered Fredericton their home, tourists can also find the finest handcrafted souvenirs in this city.

For those who want to have the most unconventional shopping experience, the best place to visit is the Boyce Farmers’ market which is considered to be the finest in Canada. In this traditional market, people can find stores which offer local products and mouth-watering delicacies.

Golf Clubs

Fredericton is considered to be the golfer’s paradise with its golf courses, most of which provide complete accommodations, amenities, and other outdoor activities. One of the most impressive of this is the Riverbend Golf & Fishing Club which is an 18-hole course and located about 20 minutes from downtown city.

Other golf courses are: Fredericton Golf Club, Kingswood Park, Mactaquac Golf Club, Carman Creek Golf Course & Practice Facility, Rebel Ridge Golf Club, Gage Golf & Curling Club, and Gilridge Golf Club.

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