Top 10 Places to Visit in Paris

Top Visiting Place in Paris

There are a number of worth visiting places in Paris which surely you will love to go to. Most of these places have a historical significance as well. The top 10 places to visit in Paris include Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower, Musee d’ Orsay, Sacre- Coeur, Bohemian Paris, Latin Quarter and more.

Paris is indeed one of the best places to visit in the whole of Europe. It has so much to offer to the visitors that one will surely fall in love with the place. Paris has indeed something for everyone.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Your trip to Paris won’t be completed unless you have visited the Notre Dame Cathedral. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful cathedrals of Europe and also one of the most visited places. The dramatic towers along with the stained glass, and statuary will surely leave you mesmerised.

Eiffel Tower

Perhaps the best and the most visited attractions in Paris. It is internationally recognised as one of the best tourist attractions in the whole world. Almost each and every tourist makes it a point to visit as well as reach the top of the tower. It gives a magnificent view of the entire city. Guided tours are also available.

Musee d’ Orsay

As you walk on the bridge you will see a beautiful synthesis of the classical and modern art. It has the world’s one of the best collections of impressionist as well as post impressionist paintings.

Sacre- Coeur

It is built in the Byzantine style of architecture. It was built after the French’s defeat by the Prusians in 1870. The brasilica is a symbol of return of fortunes and strength and also the end of misfortunes in France. This is one of the most controversial buildings in France.

Bohemian Paris

If you have ever wondered as to where is the Moulin Rouge, then it is found here. Though after World War I the place has lost its spark but once slowly it has become a tourist attraction.

Latin Quarter

This has been the place of world renowned writers and intellectuals. It is considered to be a place of varied interests in Paris. You will find here a large number of cafes and other places of interest like the Sorbonne, the Pantheon, the Luxembourg gardens.

Boat tour of Seine River

It is indeed one of the most unforgettable experiences as you move across the Seine river in the boat. If you take a ride at night it looks all the more good.

Musee Rodin

It is an 18th century museum which is surrounded by gardens.


Visit Invalides and the surrounding areas like Musee d’ Orsay, Musee Rodin.

Atelier Brancusi

It occupies an essential place in the field of modern architecture and is therefore considered worth visiting.

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