The Quaint Beauty of Morelia

A Captivating Place for Tourists

Morelia is a city that will captivate tourists with its breathtaking architecture including Spanish-style buildings, grand colonial palaces, magnificent churches and temples, and famous plazas. Apart from its man-made beauty, the place also boasts lush vegetation and forests especially the Oyamel where millions of Monarch butterflies converge during the last days of October every year.

Morelia is a captivating place that has preserved its old grand palaces, Spanish-style buildings, and magnificent churches; bringing tourists from its rich colonial past.

This breathtaking city, which dates back few centuries ago, was made of quarry stone with its faint color of rose pink, thus, earning the name “Ciudad Rosa” which means “The Pink City”.

The city not only captivates people with its magnificent architecture, but also manages to enthral them with its well-preserved natural beauty.

Must-see Places in Morelia

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe

This magnificent church, located on the eastern part of the city, is probably the most beautiful place of worship in the country.

The building’s façade is a simple baroque style which is contradicting to its interior where its walls, ceilings, and vaults were decorated with intricate forms of flowers and leaves with the bursting color of crimson red and gold.

Outside the temple lies a public square with a cobblestone pathway that leads to colonial houses and colourful and lush vegetation.

Antique Collections Museum

Art lovers will marvel at the contemporary collections of unusual, almost at a shocking or mystifying way, but still impressively beautiful showcase.

Meanwhile, the art collection is not the only captivating specimens, but the building itself which dates back from 17th century when the place was still a colonial province of Spain.

The Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

In Oyamel forest, tourists can witness the most spectacular scene of their lives: the arrival of millions of Monarch butterfly which travel from cold regions of Canada and the United States.

This breath-taking natural event happens on the last week of October every year.


This is a small fishing community in an island located 20 minutes away from Patzcuaro’s wharf.

Tourists who want to witness a mysterious customs should visit the place every November when fishermen will decorate their boats with candles and sail out to celebrate the “Night of the Dead”. This custom is a way for the natives to pay their respect to their loved ones who passed away.


Considered by many travellers as one of the most beautiful towns in Mexico, this place is dotted with grand temples and colonial palaces and houses made of adobe and tiles.

Located 33 miles away from the capital of Morelia, this town’s inhabitants are mostly fishermen who are famous with their butterfly-shaped nets.

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