San Carlos Resort-A Haven for Water-sports Enthusiasts

A Lovely Mexican Resort

While there are many beach resorts in Mexico, San Carlos may have an edge among others with its recreational facilities for different water-sports activities like sailing, deep-sea diving, offshore fishing, and snorkeling. The seaside resort also offers other land activities like golf, tennis, bowling, football, and softball.

While Mexico's top tourist destinations are mostly island beach resorts, San Carlos, which is located in the state of Sonora, is probably the best one when it comes to water sports and activities.

With its natural beauty, this tropical paradise has been one of the top choices of divers and snorkelers with its highly diverse marine species. The seaside resort also boasts artificial reefs, a must see diving spot for veteran divers.

These artificial diving spots are located 30 minutes away from San Carlos going north. In this spot is where the “Albatun” (also referred as tuna boat) lies which sunk few decades ago due to rough sea. Just in front of this wreckage is another sunken ferry that also beams with marine life.

According to some divers who often visit the place, its rich marine life is so well-preserved, colorful, and captivating that it seems like a different world.

With its glistening water and sun-drenched beaches, the place is also ideal for wind-surfing, boating, kayaking, and offshore fishing. However, it is ideal to make an advanced reservation on boating rentals.

Vacationers can also enjoy other activities such as golf, tennis, and bowling. Other recreational facilities are for volleyball, softball, and football.

For couples and honeymooners, sailing in the Gulf of California is probably the most romantic getaway as it offers breathtaking mountain sceneries, uninhabited island coves, and sun-drenched bays.

The seaside resort does not only provide pristine beaches; it also has rich tropical vegetation. The most popular is the Tetakawi hill along the shore of Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) that offers a magnificent overview of the glistening water and white beaches.

As a respite from all the sports and recreational activities, tourists can go to souvenir shops, galleries, and small stalls that offer trinkets and other body ornaments.

The vacation in this tropical resort is not complete without visiting its famous seaside restaurants that offer mouth-watering seafood dishes. While most of the food establishments offer Mexican cuisine, some also has American dishes including burger and steaks paired with a cold beer.

Just like most tourist spots in the country, San Carlos offer different accommodations—from the cheapest motels and private residences, to the most high-end hotels and condominiums, some of which even provide private maids. Meanwhile, it is advisable to make advanced reservations especially during the summer months when the number of tourists is at its peak.

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