Romantic Places in Oregon

Top Romantic Places In Oregon to Visit

If you are planning to spend a vacation with your special someone, it is best to choose a place that will help intensify your love for each other. There are a lot of romantic places in Oregon that you can visit.

Oregon is not just a top vacation destination to tourists who want to feel amazing experience with the place. But rather, this is also best for couples because there are romantic places in Oregon where they can go to.


Be more in love with your special someone by visiting Astoria. This place is passing across Columbia River and lies in the Oregon border. The romantic B&B's in the place are ready to cater couples who will visit them. Since this is near to Columbia River, you can perform a strolling activity in the place that will be a very memorable moment to you and to your couple. Romantic dining facilities are also present in the place. You can dine with your loved one with the accompaniment of romantic songs.

Cannon Beach

Sometimes, nature is really creating its own way to intensify the feelings of two individuals. Cannon Beach is here to help you out with that. This romantic gateway is loaded with environmental sceneries where you can spend some of your time with your loved ones. The best romantic spots in here are cafes and restaurants. These dating places have matching love song backgrounds so you can certainly enjoy a dining experience with your partner. After eating in these romantic spots, then the romantic lodging is available to provide you with one of a kind accommodation. They have special lodging services for couples who will visit their lodge.

Multnomah Falls & the Columbia River Gorge

If you and your partner are looking forward for active but romantic activities in Oregon, then, you must try to visit the Multnomah Falls & the Columbia River Gorge. This is absolutely one of the most romantic views that can be found in the place. The captivating scenery brought by the second highest waterfall in the entire America is more than enough to feel in love with each other. The couple activity that you can do here is hiking. Multnomah Falls Lodge is present in this place where you can spend your resting time with your loved one. Pair your stay with this lodge with champagne to create a more romantic moment.

Edgefield Resort

Romantic Oregon resorts are found in Edgefield Resort. This place will definitely provide you with romantic bonding moments with your partner because you will have the highest level of privacy in this romantic destination spot. After having exclusive time with each other, you can visit movie houses in the near the Edgefield Resort where you can do some sort of shopping. Active activity is also present in here like hiking. Live romantic bands are also available in the restaurants present in Edgefield Resort.

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