Preparing Dogs and Cats for Air Travel

Take Step By Step Training to Make Your Pets Travel Safely

Usaully two methods are applied to prepare dogs and cats for air travel. Either you put them in carriers and keep beneath passenger seat or send transport them through cargo. Keeping in carriers is better to take care of pets because you keep checking them frequently and they wouldn’t get panicked in your presence. Once second option is choosen and pets are sent by cargo shipping with plane luggage is the only option. Separate area, where other pets are accomodated, is fixed for such purpose.

Follow precautionary step in preparing dogs and cats to travel by air and avoid shipping them in cargo until and unless you are not left with any other option.

Different factors are associated in the preparation of dogs and cats for air travel. Train them to bear particular temperature level if they are sent by cargo. Hypothermia during transport can’t be ruled out. Usaully airlines advise specific time of the year to ship pets. Remember such times and plan your tour accoridngly. Read safety guidelines carefully and rehearse before actual start of journey. There are many complications involved with pets doing air travel rather than humans. Find out convenient travel solutions for them through proper implementation while travelling with pets.

Preparation For Travel: The very first preparation is buying USDA approved travel carrier for the pets. Don’t expect these items from your airlines. It is better to have one before starting journey. This item is specially prepared from high density plastic items which come with proper ventilation holes. "Live Animal" stickers are affixed outside these crates so that airline staffs remain alert of the presence of your dog or cat. Buy bigger sized carriers that must have enough room for your pets to offer better comfort. You can have these carriers at major pet supply chains. Some airlines too sell them.

Book A Flight: Have detailed discussion with airline personnel while making a booking and ask them about the probable arrnagements they would make for your pet. Is there any regulation or queries? Clarify these aspects minutely and prefer booking direct flight to avoid unexpected problems for your pets in reaching to its destination. Repeated transfers create confusion besides adding unecessary travel time and stress for you. Don’t hesitate in paying a bit higher price for the sake of getting direct flight for safe journey of your pet. Take help from pprofessional pet air transporters that lessen your worries and your pet enjoys safe journey.

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