Places to Visit in Aberdeen

Worth Visiting Places in Aberdeen

There are various places to visit in Aberdeen which is considered to be the third largest city of Scotland. With a number of worth visiting places in Aberdeen the visitor is surely going to enjoy the stay. Apart from the places there are a number of pubs, restaurants, shopping centres also so you can enjoy the stay.

Aberdeen City is situated in the North East of Scotland. It is in fact the third largest city of Scotland. It has a number of nicknames like the Granite city, Dallas of Britain. There are multitudes of places worth visiting in Aberdeen. It has something for everyone.

The Castle Trail

This is known for the ghosts it is indeed a place to visit, it is situated just at a 15 minutes distance from the Aberdeen city. The best way to see the Castle is through the hot air balloon.

A long walk to the old Aberdeen city will take you through the serene environments, beautiful valleys. With regard to the architectural beauty, the Provost Skene’s House is the oldest building which you must see. The city is also known for attractive parks especially the Duthie Park.

Duff House

The house has a long history which needs to be discovered by the traveller to this place. It is considered to be a rich heritage site of Aberdeen.

Pirate Island

It is one of the hot favourite places of the visitors owing to the sprawling golf course situated here near the Aberdeen beach. You can enjoy the sport at the sunshine as well as at night time.

Aberdeen Maritime Museum

This majestic museum is located on the Shiprow and tells the tale of the city as well as its long relation with the sea. There is so much to see in the museum like the ship building collection, fast sailing ships, it also gives a detailed account of the port history.

Gunpowder Park

The place where this park is located was closed for over a 100 years but now it has been converted into a park with wildlife, where people can visit and enjoy. Apart from the regular walkers this park is also a favourite of the cyclists

who come here every day in the morning and evening. The best thing is that this park can be visited in almost all the weather seasons.


It is a historic park which aims at providing entertainment with education to its visitors. The park takes you back in the historical times and so you can see all the historical artefacts here along with the bronze age, sand pit, hill fort and much more. A must visit for all the history lovers.

Apart from these, there are numerous other places to visit at Aberdeen like the Bow Fiddle Rock, Boyne Castle, Brandsbutt Symbol Stone, Burghead Well.

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