Places to Visit Near Sacramento

Sacramento Visiting Places

Sacramento visiting places include a number of spots which are best suited to be visited by the family and the kids. Fun places to visit near Sacramento include Old Sacramento, Crocker Art Museum, Fairytale Town, Heidrick Ag History Center. The place has almost everything under its roof be it the waterslides or the museums.

You will surely love to visit Sacramento which offers unlimited amount of fun and excitement to all those who visit the city. There are a number of places to be visited near Sacramento which not just you but your entire family will love to visit. There are a number of parks too here where you can rest and enjoy.

Old Sacramento

This park covers an area of around 28 acres and is said to be centrally located. This place has almost everything which you might be desirous of like the restaurants, shops, museums and much more. What is unique is the water ride which you can do here. Most of the people come here for the water ride as well as for dining sitting by the side of the Sacramento River. Just a plain walk across the history and you are going to be a witness of the past history of this beautiful city.

Crocker Art Museum

It is located just at a short distance from the old Sacramento city and so you can go there just by walking as well. This is a worth visiting museum as you will see here a wide range of artworks and masterpieces of the ancient times which surely you cannot see anywhere else.

Fairytale Town

If you are visiting the city with the kids then surely this is the place to go to. The kids will love watching the farm animals which are kept in the zoo. The good thing is the reasonable price in which you can visit the entire town.

Heidrick Ag History Center

The place has lots of antique things to offer to the visitors like the tractors. There are a few gift shops also present on the way to the center. Basically this museum is dedicated to the farm machines and hence those interested should visit it.

Candy Heaven

It is located just closer to the Sacramento city. The most prompting thing here is the free samples which are offered to the visitors. So you can enjoy lots of peanuts, chocolates, candies which you will get here. For the kids surely this is just one of the best places to visit since they have complete sections for the candies, peanuts.

Discovery Park

Yet one of the most interesting places to be visited in Sacramento, it is a park with lots to offer to the visitors. If you love to go for boating, hiking or if swimming is your favourite sports then this is the place for you.

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