Places to Stay in Looe

Guide to Looe’s Accommodations

Looe accommodations for its tourists are considered to be one of the best in the UK. The way they appreciate tourists is one of the things that can be said of the people in the coastal region of the country. You can choose from hotels, country houses and apartment. They are all aimed to provide the best service for those visiting Looe.

Situated in both sides of River Looe, a small coastal town is found in the region Cornwall. Looe was divided into two back in the medieval times. The east contains the harbor and shopping center while the west side is known for its shops and restaurants. The best time to visit this place is during New Years because the streets are filled with people dressed up waiting for spectacular firework display. The island is always open for visitors who want to have a good time. There are quite a number of accommodations in Looe ranging from hotels and apartments. To stay in Looe is like staying in your own place. The city is very friendly and open to every traveler who is willing to open up in the nature.

Fieldhead Hotel

This hotel is where you can feel the real hospitality given by the people of Looe. The service that they offer is very personal. You will be so impressed on how they accommodate their guest. The amenities include heated swimming pool and spa. Fieldhead hotel is actually situated in the center of the town so it is easily accessible.

The Old Bridge House

This is a place where old and new memories would always meet. The Old Bridge House will suit the taste of any traveler. This is due to the regards and care they give to its visitors. The Old bridge house lies near the water bridge of the place where you can easily see the people that will be traveling over the bridge or you can take time in to watch the rising sun from your suite.

Rock Towers Apartment

Wanting a place that will truly fire up your desire for the best? Rock Towers is one of the best places where you can sit tight without having to worry about anything. The staff of Rock Towers will truly give its guest the opportunity to be served with best. Overlooking the sea, Rock Towers will give you a view of the scenic sunrise.

Polraen Country House

The country house was built during the 18th century. It is situated in the valley of Looe offering visitors the best facilities in a peaceful and relaxing setting. This accommodation is near all the coastal attractions of Looe. This bed & breakfast house is filled with amenities like parking, garden, bar, dining room and lounge. If you want to stay in a place where you can truly relax, this is ideal. You can choose from different family rooms are designed to suit one’s preference. Comforts include modern amenities.

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