Places to Stay in Lancaster PA

Accommodations in Lancaster City

When it comes to unique, interesting, and beautiful accommodations, there are places to stay in Lancaster PA including the Fulton Steamboat Inn, Hershey Farm, Eden Resort, The Inn at Leola Village, and Historic Strasburg Inn. Meanwhile, visitors in the city can also enjoy its beautiful countryside.

Lancaster is a beautiful city in Pennsylvania that is surrounded by agricultural towns and lush vegetation. It is also a place that is rich with history, a tradition and culture that is highly-diverse, and a beautiful cityscape.

As a popular tourist destination, there are places to stay in Lancaster PA that will definitely provide an unforgettable experience for visitors. These are just some few of the examples:

Fulton Steamboat Inn

For someone who is looking for a beautiful but an unconventional accommodation, Fulton Steamboat Inn is probably the best place as it floats in a river and gives its guests an authentic feeling that they are in a 19th century steamboat plus complete amenities and notable service.

Hershey Farm

This farm inn lies in a 23-acre land with a breathtaking landscape and a fishing pond, making this place the perfect accommodation for visitors who want to relax and get near with nature. Another advantage of staying in this hotel is that guests can enjoy a leisurely walk on a trail surrounded by blossoming flowers and explore the fruit and vegetable gardens.

There are also farm animals within the property of this inn, allowing visitors, especially children, to enjoy the simple and relaxing life in the rural area.

Eden Resort

This hotel, which has more than 200 rooms, offers two-story villa suites, residential-style lodging, and bedrooms equipped with kitchen and full-size appliances. Some rooms also have a private balcony and whirlpool tubs.

In addition, this luxurious hotel offers an outdoor swimming pool, a wide recreational area, a children’s playground, a tennis court, an electronic game room, a fitness center with spa, and a salon.

The Inn at Leola Village

This is a historic boutique hotel that provides high-quality accommodation and complete amenities and facilities, making this place perfect for wedding, business meeting, and events.

Guests can also dine in the hotel’s restaurant that offers mouth-watering cuisine. They can also go the nearby boutique shops and galleries that offer unique items.

Strasburg Inn

This inn lies in a 16-acre property that has a beautiful and breathtaking landscape. And aside from the relaxing ambience, the inn also offers amenities including a spa center with sauna, a restaurant, a lounge area, and a heated outdoor pool and Jacuzzi.

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