Places to Stay in Derry

Hotels in Derry

There are a number of hotels in Derry to choose from for your stay. These include Phoenix BandB, Ramada Da Vincis Hotel, The Town Hotel, Derry. There are a variety of places to stay in Derry which offers basic amenities to the travellers like parking, well furnished beds, internet, tea and coffee.

Visiting Derry or Londonderry as it is popularly called has a lot to offer in terms of official visiting places and buildings and architecture also. Be it your official trip or just a family trip to Derry you can surely find lots of places to stay in Derry which offer you accommodation at reasonable rates and also provide you with the best of the best facilities.

Phoenix BandB

It is located at 138 Bishop Street, Londonderry, Derry. The hotel is just at a three minute walk from the city centre. The inside of the hotel rooms is quite good with the rooms being neat and clean and well decorated enough. There are a number of facilities to offer like the flatscreen TVs, hairdryers, Wi-Fi at all places, apart from this tea and coffee facilities are also available. Apart from this, you also get free parking, and golf course located nearby.

Ramada Da Vincis Hotel

One of the best designed and well managed hotel in Derry it is situated at the 15 Culmore Road. It occupies a very high standard amongst the kind of facilities which are on offer. There are around 65 bedrooms and 4 different types of bedrooms. So it offers you a number of options to choose from depending upon your needs. The best aspect is its ideal location close to the Centre of the Town. You will also be given private parking facilities at the hotel. Apart from this, you have a full internet connection

The Town Hotel, Derry

The hotel gives you a magnificent view as it is located within the historic walls of the city. It occupies a unique place as it is close to some of the best places in the town. So you can easily enjoy your shopping, visiting theatres, malls, museums and art and craft gallery and much more all from this hotel at a walking distance. The hotel also offers you parking facilities, a restaurant, bar and laundry are also available.

Abbey Bed and Breakfast

Situated in the centre of the city, and is said to be one of the best places to stay for the travellers who are in the city to explore the beautiful buildings and places. The place has much of history in its folds which can be easily explored as you become stay in this hotel. Almost each and every room is equipped with TV facilities, you can also book your train tickets as well as theatre tickets from here.

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