Places to Go in California with Kids

Top Places to Go in California with Kids

California is a place that will make your kids feel the real essence of family bonding. That is why if you are planning to visit this destination, you must first know the places to go in California with Kids.

There are a lot of places to go in California with kids. All of these places offer high degree of satisfaction for their visitors. Here are some of the places commonly visited by local families in the place or even tourists from other countries of the world.


Adventureland is the first place suggested to you. This was referred to be as the hidden gem of the place. This was referred to in this way because this is a one of a kind park preferred to be visited by most of the families with kids. Even though this is just small as compared to the other amusement parks in the place, it is still loaded with exciting amenities that provide high degree of satisfaction to its visitors. The place is full of rides like roller coasters and a lot more. The safety features of these amenities are always considered as the top priority.

Disneyland Park

Surely, your kids would love to visit the Disneyland Park in the place. This is a place wherein your child will improve their imagination and they will feel that they are inside a magical world. The fantastic ambiance of the place will make your small ones feel that they are princes and princess of their own accord. There are also shows being held in the place wherein the primary characters are dressed with the complete package and looks of the popular cartoon characters in the cartoon world.

Knotts Berry Farm

The Knotts Berry Farm is the home of many rides in the place. According to sources, this tourist spot has a total of 165 rides. This is not just suited for kids but also to those people who are young at heart as well as those who are fond of engaging in adventurous experiences. There are also available mascots of the popular cartoon characters and you can get a chance to dance with them. Furthermore, there are also shows available with outstanding performance from the casts.

Rotary Storyland and Playland

The Rotary Storyland and Playland is also made accessible in the place for those local park goers as well as to all tourists. This is regarded as an asset to Central Valley for almost 50 years already. There are already millions of families who entered the place and exit with smiles in their faces. The fantasy, fun and satisfaction are really worth the expenditure in the place. As a matter of fact, there are visitors who try to go to this place for more than once because of the incredible sensation they felt. Moreover, the place will not make you feel any boredom at all.

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