Places to Eat in Shropshire

Shropshire’s Top Restaurants

Shropshire is a perfect place for vacation whether you are with your family and friends. Your visit to shropshire is truly memorable and enjoyable. It is a good idea to have an itinerary when visiting this town. Aside from the wealth of attractions, the place is where you can find a number of restaurants.

Shropshire is a very good place to visit. This historic market town is offering natural beauty, attractions, outdoor activities, shopping places and restaurants that can satisfy your palette. There are many writers who were inspired by the scenery and quality of life this town has to offer. The local residents of this place is said to be passionate about food and drink offered by this place. This is not surprising because the place is rich with local produce. The market is where you can find fresh ingredients which are served as part of mouthwatering dishes that are served in the restaurants. After touring the whole town, take a rest at some of the pubs and inns that serves real ale. You can also enjoy an afternoon tea in their small cafes.


The place is considered as a music venue, bar and great place that serve lunch. The meals are made from fresh and locally sourced ingredients. This is a perfect place for those who want to meet with friends or family because of the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. This is one of the hidden gems in the area. At night you can hear amazing acoustics and everything becomes so intimate. Performers are emerging talents from the town. There are also some foreign touring bands that are invited to play. People of all ages come to the place and caters to their taste. This restaurant is fun and friendly which is perfect for the family.

Huxley's at Drapers Hall

This is world renowned restaurant that offers people fine dining experience. It has received plenty of accolades because of its mouth watering menu served in a historical setting. When you go to the place, it is impossible not to see the trace of history. Their menu is very unique from main course to deserts. You will also love their wine list that is perfect accompaniment for the gourmet meals. During summer, they offer meal dishes during Fridays. Definitely this place is fine dining in every plate that they serve.

Sky 7

The place is acclaimed as the best Chinese restaurant in Shrewsbury. The location is match by the standards and food that they offer. This is fine dining in a country hotel setting. Overall the place projects a modern setting. It become popular among couples and considered perfect for the family. The atmosphere in the restaurant is so warm and welcoming. You will love to seat on their sofas and enjoy Chinese beer. You will surely love the extensive menu of the restaurant.

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