Places to Eat in Galway City

Restaurants in Galway City

There are a number of restaurant in Galway city which are known for the wide variety of foods which they are offering. You will have almost everything here be it the Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Continental. There are several places to eat in Galway city depending upon your tastes and likeness.

Galway restaurants are famous all over Ireland owing to the quality of food being offered as well as the richness of the cuisines. It is not just the tourists who enjoy the food rather the local restaurants too are quite famous for the good taste which they offer. You can find almost all kind of food at Galway like the Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Indian as well as Continental food which is offered in different restaurants.

Basilica Restaurant

You will love the Italian food which is being offered here. They offer you the authentic and original Italian cuisines which are prepared in the best hygienic way. There are daily special food which is offered as well as there are separate menus which are meant for the children.

Cre na Cille

This is one of the famous restaurant which is offering really a rich cuisines to the guests. They cater to the needs of a large number of people and most of the people simply love the food being offered here. You will love the sumptuous sea food as well as the steak which is one of the best of this place.

Ard Ri House Hotel

It is located near the Milltown Road tuam and is primarily known for its hospitality. You will simply be made to have a richness of experience and surely will love to keep the memories with you. The food which is being offered can be called as the mix of both the classical as well as traditional food. It has facilities of all kind be it a lunch for a couple or the family dinner or celebrations. The wines which are offered too are one of the best and of its kinds.

Pullman Restaurant

One of the best restaurants of the country which offers you tasty and delicious food. It is basically a restaurant on the train consisting of lounge and bars along with private compartments also. Around six people can sit in each of the compartment. You will simply love the view from the windows of the vast greenery and the golf course, the beauty is simply enchanting to the eyes.

You will be getting the tables along with the silver cutlery, glassware and white linen which have been put there in the finest possible manner. You will love the vast food which is offered here which includes mini spring roll, soy sauce, prawns, salmon, roasted half duck, best wines and much more. It is a restaurant worth visiting owing to its uniqueness.

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