Places to Eat in Dorset

Best Restaurants to Eat in Dorset

Dorset boasts some of the finest restaurants in the region. There are quite a number of tourists who visits this place for the reason that they want to eat good meals. Any visitor of the area would surely be happy with wide variety of choices ranging from local dishes to international cuisines.

Dorset is found in the southwest of England. It is divided into several towns with unique attractions to offer. There are quite a number of restaurants in Dorset

Kings Arms Inn

This place is one of the best places if you really want to experience the real Dorset dining experience. The restaurant doesn’t only offer a unique dining experience but also the whole ambiance is extremely exceptional and of high standards. This starts from the structure, staff, chairs and tables. It is a place where you can have lunch or dinner. This can surely give you a gastronomic experience that we are looking for. If you are visiting Dorset with a loved one, this can provide delicious food that is served with passion. There is always something special in this place.

Magnums in Bournemouth

This is truly a restaurant that is filled with style. This place can offer an outstanding service that is so stylish. It offers menu that is fresh and tasty. You can select from British and American classics. This is something that offers unique but with prices that are so affordable. You can choose to sit outside and feel the beautiful weather. You will surely be happy with the prices they offer. In this place, you can eat classic food at the very best.

Hambro Arms

Hambro Arms is truly a classy and stylish restaurant. The food is prepared using fresh and high quality ingredients. The food uses season local produce that is coming from the market daily. They offer several dishes that encompass the food of the season. This is truly a place that can offer something so unique. Locals open visit the place if they are celebrating special occasions. The place is very unique and set in the beautiful villages. If you love good food, this is truly something that is worth a try.

Kayla Brasserie and Bar

During the evening, there are restaurants that truly light up including Kayla Brasserie and Bar. This is truly a place where you can enjoy great service and well served Italian food. After work, this is where people unwind with cocktails or wine. If you are looking for a place that offer the best Italian food that is well prepared then this is the spot to go. The ambiance is relaxed and meals are affordable.

Cloisters Restaurant

The food in this place are homemade and under a very reasonable price. The staff are so friendly and you will feel so well come. This place tends to get busy especially during lunch time.

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