Places to Eat in Birmingham

Where to Eat in Birmingham City Centre

Where to eat in Birmingham is a common question which is faced by the travellers who visit the city. But there are a number of places to eat in Birmingham city centre which offers a good quality food at an affordable price. You can choose the restaurant as per your taste and likes. Almost each restaurant has some speciality.

Birmingham City is one of the most travelled places in England. Visitors flock there in large numbers. However it is important that you know the places where you can have the best food in Birmingham, so as to enjoy your stay in the city.

A large number of restaurants flood the city where you can have the food as per your likes and choice. The good thing is that a number of restaurants are dedicated to particular countries food so you can enjoy your own country’s food there like the Chinese, continental.

Moet Bar and Gallery Restaurant

This is one such place to eat in Birmingham. The place too is serene since you can have a view of the entire Birmingham city from the restaurant. It offers something for everyone be it the ladies only, or the families out there for lunch, mothers who have come with their children and the like all can enjoy the food with ease.

Business meetings too are organised in the restaurant so it serves as a meeting place of the business professionals also. The food is simple and meant for everyone. Yet a surprise is that the food is available at a very low price without compromising on the quality of food.

Angels Cafe Bar is yet another famous food outing place located at the West Midlands. Aquaquay Ltd is located at the Ethel St. Winston Churchill House in Birmingham

You can also find in Birmingham, restaurants of the specific countries also like the American restaurants, Bistro, Caribbean and more. So if you have a liking for any particular country food you can always go to these places for the best food.

America Restaurants

There are many in Birmingham city centre. These include Ardean Oak in West Midlands, Frankie & Bennys near the Parkway, Rubery in West Midlands. Ipanema is yet one of the most favourite American restaurants at Brindley Place, West Birmingham.

With regard to the Caribbean restaurants, there are a few which offer a good food. These include the Deep Caribbean Experience, Krystal Bar & Restaurant, Talk a De Town. These are some of the famous restaurants in Birmingham.
Apart from these, there are some other places where too you can find good food like the “Around the World in 80 Dishes” which has some of the best dishes from across the world. Avenue Kebab House is an American restaurant which too is quite famous in Birmingham.

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