Places in El Paso to Visit

Tourist Places of El Paso, Texas

El Paso is full of attractions that can satisfy any visitorís interest. The city is divided into two by the Franklin Mountains. If you are visiting El Paso, donít miss the Viva El Paso event that showcases that cityís magnificent culture.

Take time to visit National Border Patrol gallery, El Paso Museum of Art and historic site of Hueco Tanks.

El Paso is a city found in the state of Texas. Overall it is the 22nd city in the whole United States in terms of size. This city is situated near the border of Mexico and it is a place that is definitely worth your time. It is place full of attractions that can satisfy anyone’s interest. It is a complete travel destination that definitely caters to any traveler’s intention of visiting the city.

El Paso is known to be the center of education as well. This is where you can find University of Texas that was founded in 1914. There are also some military institutions that you could find here like the Fort Bliss which is considered an important army base. The whole El Paso is divided into two by the Franklin Mountains which extends to the city that can give any visitor the best sightseeing spot.

There are a lot of tourist attractions that you can find in El Paso. Each of them will show how rich the cultural and historical heritage of the whole city. One of the major events that you shouldn’t miss when you visit the city is the Viva El Paso. This is a musical show that happens every month that showcases the wealthy culture of the city through dance and songs. Basically the story revolves an Indian settlement that goes through the conquest of the Spaniards, Mexican invasion and other foreign conquerors of the city. This show is held in the McKelligon Canyon Amphitheater. Another site to look at is the crucifix found on top of the mountain called of Mt. Cristo Rey. This spot can let you see one side of El Paso.

If you love museum then take a visit at National Border Patrol gallery. This museum is dedicated to the US Border Patrol which was found in 1924 that can give you information about this government exhibits. There is a massive collection of artifacts about Border Patrol. You can also see old aircraft like Hughes OH-6A and Piper Super Cub. The museum can also give information about the use of electronic devices when it comes to border patrolling. Although the museum is a bit small, you can spend the entire afternoon just browsing and reading the artifacts.

Another attraction to see is the El Paso Museum of Art. It has quite a number of art works that shows the beauty of the culture and the environment of El Paso. You can see here 5 galleries that show that the cultures that influences that city. From European, American and Mexican, you will see their contributions to the city. This place serves as a house to some traveling exhibits so you can be assured that it has something new everyday. This definitely a must see attraction.

The historic site of Hueco Tanks is a park that you shouldn’t miss. It got its name from the large rock basins called huecos that supply waters to the area for century. It is a popular destination if you want rock climbing and bouldering activities.

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